Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Nature Does Without Me

You can see how deciding to eliminate the more thuggish inhabitants of the tall flower meadow can be a little wrenching. Even the thugs have their time of glory. The New England Aster fell over in the storm of course. Now it blocks the path. This year at least there is a path. Left to itself, nature would not provide a path.

I provided one of the four elements in this picture, the grass. Nature did the rest.

Nature provides. The gardener manipulates. Mostly in the form of eliminating the unwanted.

The results are always, 'To Be Announced'.


Lola said...

I do like what nature does with it's color. Just the right combination. sometimes I would just walk through it even tho there was no path. Sure miss it. This time of yr is worst.

Christopher C. NC said...

This is a great time of year Lola, fall before the cold.