Monday, September 24, 2012

Nosing Through The Lush

Someone has been getting a bit chunky since they were scared in to sticking close to home. I still miss Crawford. He was my favorite. I have a feeling Miss Collar knows what happened. Shortly after that Collar was treed by something scary enough to make her cry out. She has been sleeping inside at night ever since.

I have been told twice now that in a much more suburban golf course community right on the edge of town where I work regularly there is a bold resident bobcat and frequent sightings of bears. An elk was photographed on the golf course recently. The neighborhood cats have been disappearing. I almost don't want to bond with the new kitties. Life in the wilderness is too risky.

There are rewards. I don't have a lawn to mow. I can plot out plans for the tall flower meadow like dividing the Feather Reed Grass come spring to add more repetition and structure to the chaos.

A garden evolves in the wilderness where everyone must learn to live with the native inhabitants.


Lola said...

Things happen even without the lush. Life is a gamble no matter what. I'm having trouble bonding with the new kitty. I have trouble at times with the doggie but she senses when I'm in trouble due to health. I've been told that I could have her registered as a therapy dog. We'll see but I need all the info on her first. Stay firm in your convictions & it will all work out.

Lola said...

Meant to say that it's been right at 35 yrs since I had a pet.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the kitties sleeping inside with you at night; seems like that at least cuts down on the chances for something bad. Maybe city-born kitties aren't such a bad idea. Don't stop bonding though; it's worth the pain. (She says as she watches her 9 year old dog get older and weaker......)