Sunday, September 30, 2012

While It Is raining

I sit on the front porch looking out at the world around me.  I sit and contemplate. What can I plant where? How can I add more drama to the abundance of nature? White. I need white with all this blue. Big drifts of the white anemone will bloom at the same time. I know just where I can get some.

I sit on the front porch while it is raining listening to the beat on the metal roof above. What can I plant where to add more drama to the abundance of nature? What needs to be organized in all this chaos?

More rain is coming. I will sit and contemplate.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those white anemones start so easily by seed. Get a few plants and they will make more fast.

Lola said...

Listening to the rain while sitting on the front porch is the most wonderful feeling. I do miss it.
Yes, a bit of white would tone down the blue a tad. I do love the blue in the garden.
How is your veggie garden doing?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the white anemones are closing off a path next door so I have plenty to dig.

Lola the vegetable garden is down to lettuce and greens with half a row of taters to dig and frosts needed before the parsnips are ready.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I love listening to the rain, glad we are getting some today, yesterday, and apparently tomorrow. Hooray.
A good book is nice to delve into . . . or a garden catalog!