Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stalking The Pink Muhly

Out there in the tall flower meadow the Pink Muhly blooms.

The approach is slow. There are many things to see along the way.

The Pink Muhly is not the only grass in bloom. Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light' towers above the tall flower meadow and waves to the travelers passing along the scenic byway.

I have spotted the Pink Muhly close to the swelling buds of the Sheffie Mum.

It blooms in pink.

The Pink Muhly has been a slow grower for me, but it hangs in there getting a bit bigger each year. They came as tiny starts and we could say there is some competition close by. Right now it is more of a bit player while I wait for it to multiply. Maybe I'll find some in the discard rack one day.

The Feather Reed, Calamogrostis is faster. One pot has already been divided by ten. Next spring it will divide again and begin its march down the hill.

I stalk the tall flower meadow in the low light of early fall.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Mine is just starting to bloom, love that pink.
I too would stalk the tall meadow in the low light of fall...beautiful!!!

Christopher C. NC said...

Janet I transplanted a bunch of smaller ones I had earlier this year to a place I thought would get a better shaft of late afternoon light. They got covered up when the Ratibidas fell over. I'll find them again in the spring.

Lola said...

Love that Muhly. Mine has not started to bloom yet. I set it out last fall. Only 1 little plant so I ordered another this yr. Got to set it out.
I always enjoyed those late afternoon strolls, just looking at all the beauty around. It was nice driving home from work each day. The Fall was my favorite up there.

Phillip Oliver said...

This is gorgeous!