Thursday, September 27, 2012

The White Blue Wood Aster

Civilization comes slowly to the front bed. I don't pull all the weeds while the planted plants fill in. I only pull the undesirable ones.

That is how discoveries are made. It appears that I have a white Blue Wood Aster.

It is white compared to the blue. It is not even pale blue. It is white. It would not surprise me if some where out there there is a blue White Wood Aster.

I have an aster extravaganza going on and who knows what these asters are up to with each other.

There are three white species, two blue species and one purplish cultivar of aster that I know of. I may discover more yet. I have seen pale blue and pink variations of some and now an albino white Blue Wood Aster.

I look out from my front porch unto the land of asters.


Lola said...

Such lovely sights. Sitting on one's porch looking out over this sight has got to be like heaven.

Christopher C. NC said...

Heaven indeed. All I need is a magic wand to make the telephone pole disappear.

Lola said...

Can't they put it underground?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Maybe you will become a famous aster hybridizer!


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

What telephone pole? hahaha ;-)