Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Semi-Final Extravaganza

Of The Tall Flower Meadow 

 A waning morning sun peeks on to the exuberant chaos it has spent all summer creating.

There is one last dramatic burst of energy before senescence begins.

The tall flower meadow is at its most spectacular late summer into early fall.

It feeds the hummingbirds as they head south.

All my editing has had a major impact. The unedited section just below the property line is still mostly green with dabs of Jewelweed and a few New England Asters starting to bloom. The rest is a tangle of briars and clematis vine.

Where I have edited there is a cacophony of blooms in every hue.

The color blue is beginning to make a bigger impact.

The Ironweed is colonizing new ground.

I've walked and gazed upon this extravagance all week while the computer and Hughes satellite internet were having issues.

The tall flower meadow makes such aggravations seem meaningless. I could get lost here and be just fine.

The next day the meadow is more brilliant.

Anemones have joined in.

I say the semi-final extravaganza because the asters are just starting to bloom, adding to what is already here.

There will be one more final push before it is all over.

I need to add some anemones to the garden becoming. It is a great late season bloom for the shade.

Not just the asters, but the grasses have started to bloom.

Grasses that will last into winter.

All in the tall flower meadow.


beverly said...

It's really great to have a 'control' in the unedited part, making the success of your efforts even more evident. Wonderful job.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev let's just hope I don't get any big ideas for the 'control' section any time soon. The difference is rather striking though.

Lola said...

I love it. All colors to please the pallet. All your hard work is slowly paying off. So proud of you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This tall meadow is exciting. I love the jewel weed. Do you have the yellow one too? It seems that it creeps into the picture here and there around here.

Christopher C. NC said...

I'm making progress Lola.

Lisa we have the yellow Jewel weed and this year I found a near white one.