Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn Is Here

The hardy cyclamen are blooming in a client's garden. I should get me some of these.

Hebo mountain across the scenic byway is now wearing a coat of many colors. Autumn is in full swing.

The fall blooming crocus are here. It will be five months before I see any thing like this again.

I scored at the Lowes discard rack. I got eight one gallon Pink Muhly Grass for a buck each. I gave them all a haircut and nice long drink. This weekend I will find places to plant them.

This weekend I plan to finish painting the first coat of the 'Midnight Blue' deck stain on the front porch and service entrance stairs. I've been getting used to the color over the last week.

Baby brother and lovely wife were just here and tomorrow a grown niece is visiting on her own for the first time. Autumn is keeping me busy.


Lola said...

Love the color at your heavenly place. Good deal on the grass. Autumn sure is a colorful time. I love it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Lucky score. Can't wait to see that pink muhly blooming it's pink head off. Wonderful color on and around the cabin.