Sunday, October 6, 2013

The End Draws Near

The vibrant late season colors of the tall flower meadow grow muter, more blue by the day. The white cotton froth of maturing seed heads prepare for the winds. Brown and yellow leaves already twirl down from a forest that is still mostly green.

The first autumn crocus has arrived. This is a tough bulb to enjoy in the tall flower meadow. When you forget where they are, it makes them harder to find.

In places the Sheffie Mums have gone feral. I'm thinking I'll just go with this strategy. Come spring I can spread them about like a wild flower.

Blue and white asters wait for the forest to turn. Then they will turn off.

The barren time approaches.


Barry said...

[1st comment flew into the ether]
We are getting through the awkward green/orangey color change in the maples, but the green came back after much-needed rain. I am temporarily sidelined as the black bears are on the third course from blackberries to plums + pear, now stripping the apple trees, breaking the branches trying to get to it all. I'll have to do a harder prune now. Those bear mounds make mowing no fun! I hope they hibernate now!
Um, yeah, that tomato cage just seems lifeless, while the battered basket nearly launches itself.

Christopher C. NC said...

Wow. Marauding bears in Oregon. I just saw a pic of a bear in a West Asheville suburban neighborhood, one block from the main drag. I have never seen a bear or any sign of bear up here. The closest one I saw was five miles away and boy we got plenty apples. And hunters.

Yes the tomato cage is a loser.

Anonymous said...

I love when the sheffies go feral!