Monday, October 14, 2013

Changing Colors

When the Sheffie Mum first arrived on the mountain top I was less than pleased with its color. To me it was a salmon/pink, a beige/pink, it was slightly off. There must be something in my soil. The second year it bloomed and from then on it has been a truer pink, a real pink, just right.

The original planting is getting swallowed up. I'll go foraging for divisions in there come spring.

The 'Midnight Blue' deck stain is drying darker which makes me a bit happier. I'm thinking a second coat will make it darker still. No doubt the freshly power washed and well aged wood sucked up a lot of paint. I can still see the wood grains through the stain.

Oh goody. I get to paint the whole thing twice.

Fall is late. By the middle of October the forest should be awash in reds, orange and yellows. Only in the last few days have I seen much in the way of a change. Peak fall is at least a week or more away.

One thing is for certain. The colors of the wild cultivated gardens are forever changing.

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Lola said...

Funny about the color. Change is good. Love it.