Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is It Art Yet?

Then there were two.

The concept is good, but the twisted tomato cage annoys me. It doesn't flow right. It will just have to be the temporary price I pay for impatience. We'll call it art in progress.

While out in the tall flower meadow the ever changing hues delight.

And the Great Lawn gives definition and some pause to the chaos.

This is art.


My real project for today was a bit more substantial and less artistic, though I was tempted. Water running down the byway had created a ditch at the top of the drive. Crossing it was a tad jarring. Filling it back in with gravel seemed pointless, particularly with hurricane remnants coming this way. I filled it with 10 bags of cement. Even this could prove temporary in the long run.

I sculpted the cement to remain a channel for running water, but lessened the depth and hopefully the jarring that ensued from falling in a hole every time I drove across it.

This is art, coproduced with nature.

This time of year is absoluely the best.

The Feather Reed Grass is in bloom by June. The early bloom is one of its nice features. It really shines though as we head into fall.

High on the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top, a garden goes full tilt right up to the edge of the barren time.


Lola said...

No, don't think the tomato cage will cut it.
I see wild yellow & blue flowers along the road side here & they are pretty.

Christopher C. NC said...

I'll find something for my new art project. Nice to have something bloom along Florida's roads. Wild flowers there were always much more sparse.

Anonymous said...

The garden is very near to perfection. It never has looked better, has it?

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances this is the best year so far for my half of the garden. It is really becoming a garden now and getting better all the time.