Sunday, October 20, 2013

Two Coats And A Scarf

The cold is coming. We had our first light frost this morning. More and colder frost is scheduled for later in the week. And what's this? A chance of snow for next weekend. The cold is coming. I need to get my sweet potatoes dug pronto.

I was on another mission first. The front and back porches have now gotten two coats of the deck stain. It is darker and more to my liking with two coats. The step's riser was painted the 'Artichoke' grey of the cabin and the railings and posts were touched up were I painted over the lines.

The front porch is officially done.

The back porch got the same two coat treatment and grey scarves for the step risers. I like that contrast. It makes the steps more visible. This level of the service entrance also got the touch up treatment to cover painting over the lines.

The back porch is done.

All that's left to paint are a small landing and the stair treads down to the basement patio. Kind of. There are some underneath deck areas that are under consideration for painting at some future date whenever maybe.

With this cold coming and a possibility of snow for next weekend, I don't know when I'll get to the stairs. I could do one step at a time, if time permits. I would eventually make it to the bottom of the stairs.

But my new priority is to dig my sweet potatoes. The cold is coming.


beverly said...

Yep, time to button up for winter. Where will you keep your sweet potatoes?

Lola said...

Yep, time to get them taters. Mine hasn't gotten big enough yet. They are volunteer so don't know if they will do. Guess I can leave them for awhile. Love the color of the porches/steps.

Christopher C. NC said...

Once I get them cured? I can store them next door in an unheated closet or house when that time comes.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola the other choice for when to dig besides frost was when the leaves start to yellow, meaning they are done growing. I'm liking the color better now.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful paint job. Even here there are snow flurries predicted for tomorrow night. Yes, it is coming.