Friday, July 10, 2015

Aloha From Maui

Ku'ulei A'ina had visitors today all the way from the island of Maui. Next time they visit, these Annabelle Hydrangea should be a large drift of full sized mature shrubs that rise above the Lush.

The sunny utility meadow will have something blooming. The time of a visit determines what you will see.

But in the meadow, there are never any guarantees. This kind of garden is very fluid. It changes from year to year. The Beebalm is having a very good year.

Beneath a bamboo bottle tree we entered the forest and the ridge top garden.

In the shade there, astilbe bloom.

My friends Juddee and Miranda came all the way from Maui to share some aloha with me. Back home they own Tutu (Two) Mermaids On Maui Bed and Breakfast.

One might guess accurately how Miranda, the Mermaid at the Inn, got her name.

Not quite the same pose, but close.

The a'ina here, high on the low spot, speaks its magic clearly to those who are familiar with the majestic voice of the earth. They came. They saw. They felt it. They know I landed well in the place where I am supposed to be, a place of equal beauty to the Maui I left behind.

There is a tiny lawn in the wilderness.

The next time they visit, how big will the Bottlebrush Buckeye be?


Lola said...

So glad you had visitors from Maui. I think it made you a little homesick.

Rebecca said...

Ahhhhhhhhh. That "majestic voice of the earth".....
What a unique and colorful bottle tree. (Not sure I've noticed it here before?)

Lisa Greenbow said...

I know they were duly impressed with all the vegetation. You have it going... Fun to have visitors that appreciate all your hard work and editing.

Sallysmom said...

Are these your first visitors from Hawaii?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I am home. Plus they told me Maui has gotten hotter, in the 90's regularly, and the vog has been terrible.

Rebecca the bamboo bottle tree is very hard to photograph because the background is all wrong. I don't post many pictures of it. It needs a solid background like a tall evergreen hedge or a blank wall.

Lisa I think they like it. They already said they want to come back in the fall sometime.

Sallysmom they are my second visitors from Maui. Both should return to the islands with positive reports about what happened to me.

beverly said...

How cool that you had visitors from your former life who could bring some continuity and understanding. "Miranda", indeed!

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev they knew me as a flower gardener and rock stacker on Maui. When I told then this is going to be a heiau, I didn't have to explain what that was, a first.

Carol McKenzie said...

Visitors who understand are the best. Do you ever have concerns about the power company spraying the utility meadow? I have a very small version of your meadow, but I've seen them spraying in past years with what seems indiscriminate abandon. I'm hoping they'll ignore me since I don't have any trees or shrubs.

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol I do have some small concern about the utility company spraying because they do spray up here. The last few times they have stopped at my border. The Great Lawn, Creation and my house are obvious signals that something is different here. I keep the trees out which are their main target and have started the editing process of the next 20 feet below me. I have talked to a number of the crew when the power goes out because they come down my drive for the view down the easement to see what trees are smacking the lines. Overall I think they know not to. You just never know when they will attach a sprayer to some fool.