Thursday, July 23, 2015


There has been a sweet stench in the warm still air.

I am tempted to order me a sack full of bulbs. I might not make it through the night without it happening. I think I need some camassia too.

That scent is drawing things in as intended. I am not immune.

A few lilies in a scene like this couldn't hurt.

Some lilies could go in here.

Or here. Maybe I need two sacks of lily bulbs.

I stop by the roadside before I leave in the morning and inhale the scenery of a wild and rambunctious garden. What should I do with it next?


Carol McKenzie said...

I got an email update regarding an order of bulbs I placed in a fit of spring madness...there are hundreds of crocus coming in October. And I might have been channeling your mother: there are four big bags of daffodils coming for the wooded area, and a smaller bag of smaller Quail daffodils for around the house.

The lilies are lovely. Mine are done; they were at their peak about a week ago. I think I need more too.

Christopher C. NC said...

Just order a few hundred every year and before you know it....

Bulbarella usually gives me left overs from her bulb orders when she gets tired of planting them. I have never ordered bulbs for myself - until tonight. Lilies, camassia and eremurus.

Carol McKenzie said...

I found wild camassia growing under the power lines here. I was quite happy to have found them. Eremurus are beautiful, but I don't have the right conditions to grow those.

Christopher C. NC said...

The camassia should do very well here. I planted eremurus before. They bloomed for about three years then petered out. Some of them still come up. I'm going to try them in new locations.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Eremurus are delicate not long lived. They are a beautiful spectacle to behold. Worth the effort of planting. I love camassia too. They look delicate but they are so tough. Can a person have enough lilies? I think not.

Lola said...

Do get more lilies.