Friday, July 31, 2015

Chicory Mornings

Some mornings, I don't care what time it is, I stop at the top of my driveway, get out of the truck and look at my chicory. Work can wait. The chicory is here now.

Then I might wander in to the roadside vegetable garden for a look at the former strawberry patch. It is going to be hard to turn it back into a strawberry patch.

The days have been hot, in the upper 80's consistently. Ha ha. I sweat and energy evaporates as much as fluids. It's nice to come home to the high mountain and the cooling shade of the deep forest.

A walk through the garden cools the soul.

The evenings are still long. I can linger in the cool air outside if need be. My well insulated cozy cabin can take a while to cool off after a day of hot sunshine.

Even Button takes his post dinner siesta outside in the cool.

Miss Collar parks herself in the shade.

As the last rays of light fade away, the chorus of katydid nights begin.

1 comment:

Dana Foerster said...

That yellow Cotinous Smokebush in the Joe Pye is very fascinating!