Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Roadside Blooms

It's Bloom Day again. There are a few flowers out there in the wild cultivated garden.

Most of these can be seen or glimpsed from the scenic byway.

There are lots of daylilies. They are one of Bulbarella's obsessions.

I have chicory.

There is plenty of rudbeckia, four species, maybe more.

I have been seeing more echinacea. My seed tossing must be having an effect.

And more daylilies.

We have beebalm.

With butterflies.

And more beebalm in several colors.

It was Bloom Day for everyone passing on the scenic byway today.

Uncle Ernie is pleased with this year's flowers.

So are the bees.

Further from the road there is the smoke belching fungus. I bet I will be the only Bloom Day blogger with a smoking fungus.

My Indian Pinks, Spigelia marilandica, are back. They need to get bigger before I am impressed.

This is one of my new Hesperaloe parviflora freshly tucked into the Lush. I have high hopes for them. I always have high hopes. If all goes well it could be blooming for Bloom Day in July 2016.


Lea said...

Beautiful flowers!
Have a wonderful day!

Swimray said...

I love chickory - but why does it have to be a weed along roadsides? Why does it seem to only bloom after rain?

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks Lea.

Ray it's a roadside weed to make my drive to work pretty. It blooms everyday once it gets going. It just closes by noon on sunny days, a morning flower. On cloudy days it will stay open longer.