Sunday, February 12, 2017

Connecting To The Vortex

Looking out the window yesterday morning I saw a head and an ipad type device held aloft at the top of my drive. Someone had stopped to take a picture again. I need to figure out how to do image searches and find out how often my little roadside attractions wind up on the internet. I get photographed on a regular basis.

I spent that morning in the ridge top garden next door doing chop and drop of the dried remnants of last year's Lush. I got half the garden done, but my enthusiasm for the chore was rather low.

I decided to spend the afternoon installing the third triangulating arm of the energy vortex transmitter/receiver. It was time to stop thinking about it and do it before other chores took priority.

The new energy vortex transmitter/receiver is in the top center of the garden where three paths join at the base of the slope below the scenic byway. I was most pleased that below the tree roots there was actual almost rock free soil. Easy digging. I like that.

The first one was installed on the Great Lawn.

The three transmitter/receivers are positioned in a triangle for maximum energy vortex flow. Too bad I was not ready for the full moon lunar eclipse on Friday night. Next time.

People stop to take pictures already just from what is visible along the byway. There is so much more hidden inside. It is all part of the plan for my decrepitude. Five dolla. You can garden tour.

I pretty much finished the chop and drop in the ridge top garden today. My enthusiasm for the chore was still rather low. Good thing it is pretty much done. I can wander the garden again for a light touch up if needed. Time to move on to other things.

I have houses to clean before Bulbarella returns. I did see a possibility of snow in the forecast for Wednesday.

'Arnold' is in near full bloom as it should be since it reached near 70 degrees today.

Something is happening here. I don't want it to be perfectly clear. It will be more interesting to see just what sort of people will make the connections?

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