Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Under Garden Of Winter

It has been a good winter, if you want to call it winter, for the Under Garden. The late winter blooms are putting on a fine show as the bulbs begin to stir.

Three acres of chop and drop is done with the grasses left as the last thing standing. They will come down as the herbaceous greenery begins to stir.

The new energy vortex transmitter/receiver has gotten the first dirt settling rains. The ground will be smoothed as it settles to avoid a trip hazard.

This is the first winter the Under Garden has actually said garden to me. That is what has made it such a good winter. Slowly I am making progress.

The Witch Hazels and snowdrops are blooming. The first crocus have arrived. The daffodils are rising. Soon the forest floor will begin a slow change to green. By May the earth will be erupting with life and the Under Garden of winter will fade away into the Lush.

It has been a good winter for the Under Garden. This is very much a season and a garden of contemplation. I made plans after some contemplation for some new additions to the low mounding tapestry of texture and color to kick it up a notch for next winter.

It has been warm enough that the boys at my favorite local nursery may be stirring. I need to stop by and have a look. I might even buy some more Witch Hazels. I think the chimney could use a few.

There is still time left to enjoy the Under Garden before winter is over. As it continues to grow it will become more a part of the garden during the time of vegetation. I will edit in that direction as well. It is just nice to know I now have a full time garden. The barren time won't be quite so lonely.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Good idea to have witch hazels by the chimney.

Lola said...

I agree with Lisa Greenbow/

Christopher C. NC said...

As soon as the nurseries open I will be looking for two more Witch Hazels.

Hi Lola. You finally made it back in. Hooray. I assume you just had to sign in on an account.