Saturday, February 4, 2017

Getting Busy

The snowdrops are well under way. That is a definite sign the chop and drop must commence.

My new long handled manual hedge clippers did arrive yesterday and they got their first four hour workout. Much better on my back without all that bending over. Four hours of chopping was enough for one day though.

I can actually see the baby Witch Hazels from the front porch now.

Did I manage to chop down a quarter acre in four hours total? It is a bit hard to tell since I went after the roadside vegetable garden and all kinds of random smaller bits and pieces. Tomorrow I will aim for the bulk of the sunny utility meadow. That space is close to an acre. I will have a better idea of how much I can chop by the hour from that.

The grasses and evergreens remain. I still have a garden.

In the shade of the forest, the remaining dead sticks from the summer Lush are much thinner. It is not quite so critical that things get chopped down on an annual basis. Every other year works fine. Beyond that it will build up more than I like and impinge on the bulb display.

'Jelena' #1 is still blooming while 'J' #2 is wrapping things up. 'Arnold' is starting to break bud. Warmish spring weather is on tap for the week. The bulbs are definitly going to be coming.

Can I chop and drop the remaining two acres in another week?

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Lisa Greenbow said...

Barring several days of rain I believe you can do it. Carry on...