Saturday, February 18, 2017

More Frills

Even without winter, spring starts slowly. Despite the number of unusually warm days there has been a cold blast every seven to ten days that has helped keep things from getting too far ahead of schedule. We are still on the early crocus. That is close enough to what it should be.

The snowdrops are here. That is as it should be. They will even attempt to bloom in January if the weather is right.

February has been normal for the Witch Hazels three years in a row, even in the Polar Vortex winter. So I will take this bloom schedule as normal and a much appreciated normal.

It has been warm enough for the beasts to rouse themselves and go outside a bit more often. I think their minimum operating temperature has been rising. It seems to be higher than mine and I have much less fur.

Until the herbaceous greenery begins to stir and I can start spring time editing, there isn't much to do expect wander about and look to see what is waking up.

I'm itching to plant my ideas from this winter's contemplation. I know I should wait. This warm and current light work load doesn't help. I may have to go visit the farm that goes with my favorite nursery.

I have a list of plants I need. I need more frills in the February garden. Why not I ask. I think the chimney needs some Witch Hazels. I thought that last year and nothing happened. This year I will make it so. I just added them to the list.

'Jelena' is about to say goodbye for this year. When it is time, the leaf buds are still tightly closed, leap up and grow.


Jan O said...

The Witch Hazels are amazing.

beverly said...

Ha, I have been having to restrain myself from planting also! Witch hazels for the chimney sounds like a wonderful idea.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes they are Jan. I highly recommend them.

Bev here's hoping I can hold off until mid-March. It is actually fine to plant now if the plants you buy are local and kept at most in a cold frame. Better if they are in the open.