Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The First Crocus

I should have stayed home. At the first place I went today I arrived to find a backhoe had driven right through one flower bed and crushed the large mature holly shrubs in another. There were multiple signs of other questionable activity throughout the garden. No one said a word to me. My inquiry as to the cause and nature of the destruction was met with total ignorance. No, I won't be putting it back together until I know what is going on.

The second place I went some dug up shrubberies were sitting in plastic buckets, the old backup generator was sitting on the lawn and a slab had been poured in the middle of the bed for a new much larger backup generator. At least there were signs in this mess that some care was being taken to limit the destruction.

I much prefer advance warning when people are going to destroy the gardens I tend.

I saw the crocus were coming. I have been waiting for them to open. The very first ones got eaten.

The snowdrops are definitely open for business in this warm. Tomorrow there may be snow. By Friday and into the weekend it is back to dare I say hot?  Forty six a is a good temperature for February. Sixty six is a bit much.

There has been no disturbance to the Oconee Bell I was given and planted several years ago. It is spreading slowly but surely. I could divide it and spread it around now, but I think I'll wait a couple more years.

The tree butchers from the utility company never came back in November. I bet I will hear from them come May when everything is turning green and growing again. Maybe it is time for another preemptive call.

I should have stayed home to watch my crocus and snowdrops bloom.

I did however come home and sit a spell in the garden to calm my nerves while it was still warm and before the rains began. I may wake up to a dusting of snow, in which case I am staying home and having a nap.

'Arnold' is stirring. It is time. Snow won't bother the Witch Hazels.

The first crocus bloomed today in the peace and quiet high on the low spot. I bet I will find more in the warm this weekend when I finish the chop and drop. It's almost bulb time.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Your crocus are way ahead of mine. We had snow this evening. Covered the lawn. It won't be around for long.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa your snow may make it down to me in the night. I'll know in the morning.

beverly said...

OMG. Construction workers plus gardens equal disaster. I'll never forget the WVa. mason doing the addition on my house who observed, "you sure do like your flaurs." That's why it's nice to come home to your own garden that you control! Persevere! (:

Sallysmom said...

No crocus here at my house in zone 8b of the deep south. Last year voles destroyed a huge clump of sunshine bright crocus that I had. I loved those because I could look outside and see this big splash of yellow on the ground. Some people said to me that voles won't eat them, so if they didn't eat them then where did they go? My husband dug where they were planted and could not find one bulb. Anyway, I planted a few tommies inside a cage so maybe I will see them. As for temps, our winter is over I suspect. We had 2 freezes in January but no extended days of cold. It follows the same pattern as last year.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev construction workers in my gardens are a pain I have had to learn to deal with. With advance notice and a short consult I can do a lot to make both our jobs easier before they get started. On their own they just don't seem to care.

Sallysmon voles will definitely eat crocus bulbs. I have seen the same signs as with tulips, greying foliage that comes right out of the ground with chew marks where the bulb should be.