Monday, February 20, 2017

Minor Bulbs

It's not looking like winter will be arriving in February. I certainly hope it doesn't decides to come in March. The more warm we have the less cold can be properly applied.

The minor bulbs are picking up steam. The early crocus are in full bloom, though the ones at the top of my drive seem to be AWOL. The few I have seen up there look to have been relocated which is not a real good sign. If they turn out to be seedlings that would be a good sign.

The snowdrops are in full open mode looking to get pollinated. That will happen in this warm and once that is done, they will drop, heavy with growing seed.

Yellow crocus are up next in the later blooming group. The circle of crocus around the fire pit is coming up. I see foliage of the species tulips that were planted with them as well. These tulips did not bloom so well their second year. I am beginning to think the species tulips are no better at multiplying and reblooming than regular tulips. Crocus are much more reliable as long as the vermin don't find them.

'Arnold' is quite impressive this year with a very full bloom. I so look forward to the Witch Hazels being full sized shrubs. That is going to a be a sight to behold.

I have noticed the Witch Hazels seem to have alternating full and less full bloom years. That is not an uncommon feature of plants. It can't be a strictly environmental response. The 'Jelena' six feet away is having a less full year.

Tomorrow while I have the time, the warm and a chainsaw that is willing to start I plan to do some logging that has been on my list. I'm tired of looking at all the dead grey hemlocks during the time of vegetation's greenery. Some of the smaller ones I can handle are coming down.

This will open up the forest along my driveway, It is quite possible room for some new plantings might appear.

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Swimray said...

Spring is too early. White forsythia is blooming 3-4 weeks early. Like you. I wonder what cold dangers lie ahead in March.