Saturday, July 20, 2019

Post Bloom Day

I missed Bloom Day. The full moon voodoo was in charge. The week was filled with pestilence. Pestilence of every kind. I was rendered verklempt.

I trudged on.

Surrounded by beauty and pestilence.

Blight spread through the tomatoes like wildfire. Magnolia 'Jane' has scale bad. The iris have borers. The pines have had disfiguring caterpillar attacks three years running. Pestilence.

The animal kingdom was having every day is zoo day.

Last week I was nose to nose with an adolescent bunny out for a joy hop, the deer browsing through on her normal route and the raccoon that acts like it wants to move in with the cats. It wanders in on a nightly basis to check in. Groundhogs have developed a fondness for pond plants in the Almighty Falls. There was loud talk on the byway about pigs. Damn varmints.

A loud thrashing of greenery was unusual for the deer. Because it was a bear! Just what I need to finish a full week of pestilence.

It was the honey, Boo Boo was after. I had already seen three dug out ground nests during the week in my wanderings.

It's been hot and steamy. At least the okra is actually growing

I will take verklempt on the subject of human pestilence.

When I looked up from the pestilence and realized I missed Bloom Day, I zipped outside for a liatris Bloom Day quickie, but I was still verklempt. The pestilence kept coming.

It was a very full week.

A needed balm. Just look for the bear first.

The full moon has passed. Voodoo has opened a new leaf. I trudge on bearing witness to a pestilence of the very worst kind. What will next week bring?

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

OMG I hope the bear doesn't think your voodoo plant is something to eat. Watch out for the kitties. You do have your hands and garden full with varmints. I think I would take deer over bear or pigs. Geez. Are they just feral pigs or are they the wild boars that made it up to your area? Either are a major spot of bother. You sent me to the dictionary again. Verklempt. Sounds serious to me.Try to have a good rest of the weekend.