Friday, January 24, 2020

Solly With Snowdrops

The rain stopped before dark. It helps that dark starts later each day. Rain, snow, whatever, it's all wet and cold and slop.

Rain is enough warm for the cold blooming things. We have snowdrops.

A fifteen foot diameter ring of snowdrops. It's just a matter of the right conditions, bloom stage and lighting and I can see them from the front porch now.

Solly Kitty went for a walk with me to have a closer look at the snowdrops. Training is going well.

A perky inquisitive cat has reanimated from a sack of bones. Pride structure is the next big order of business.

Look close for the snowdrops around Hawaiian Waters.

I saw a pig below the garden walk up the mountain and cross the road. It was black, a size medium in bear. It was a big, 200lb pig. I have pigs.

In the land where witch hazels bloom.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Solly is becoming a handsome cat. It is nice that you have a companion in the garden. A 200 pound pig isn't something you need in the garden. That is even more scary than a bear to me. Pigs can be so destructive when rooting around for truffles etc. Where are those hunters when you need them??!!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa there are some disadvantages to my neighbor across the byway owning 5000 acres and understandably not wanting a bunch of hunters swarming all over the property. He did say they gave permission to one person to hunt pigs. They must not be very enthusiastic about it. I fear the elk will be showing up next. They have been multiplying and migrating out of the park.

duinhof said...

Gerrit in the Netherlands said..
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