Monday, January 27, 2020

Trouble Sticking

The cold wet slop has been alternating between rain and snow. Life hovers at my minimum operating temperature looking over a garden in full plan view.

I do have to give Button some credit for allowing Solly five weeks of R+R. Me bringing her inside might have been what flipped his switch. He's acting like he wants to apologize or looking for a grudge match. I can't tell which with that sweet face. The perimeter is being closely monitored.

Solly has effectively run away from home. The good news is she comes for dinner when I call, but she is back to inhaling her food and doing a big time dine and dash for the forest. Her back was a bit wet with snowing, but otherwise she was plenty dry.

We have an appointment Thursday morning the current situation could complicate. I think after another trauma so soon after being body slammed by Button, she is going to be moving next door and indoors for a spell. Might as well acclimate her to her main new home.

The snow was melting as fast as it was falling.

Then it turned back to rain.

Solly has given up her cozy rabbit hutch on the front porch and returned to the wild.

Then it turned back to snow.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor Solly.

Christopher C. NC said...

Poor Solly. Button pounced on her head again this morning. It is a male cat pecking order thing. He doesn't seem to want to really hurt her. Solly moved inside next door this afternoon. I have to have her handy 7:30 am Thursday morning. She will be staying inside for another week to ten days post surgery. By that time there could be a fondness for indoor living.