Thursday, January 31, 2019

Before The Vortex

I saw a pretty sky.

I got in some extra outside time. 'Arnold' and 'Jelena' were planted by the chimney a year ago. I hadn't even visited with them yet.

My father planted this dwarf variegated bamboo. It was a very good choice.

I saw snowdrops. Thousands of snowdrops. Not quite ready for their big days.

I went to check on my deer hunter. He was wanting some fire wood. I am wanting some Turnip Fields.

Sister #2 is going to like this path.

It was not too cold for a short walk outside before the vortex arrived.

The snow fell gently. Even that was fine for being outside. Then it stopped. The temperature slowly dropped and the wind grew stronger as the hours went by. It got ugly cold.

I was forced to stay inside.

The books are tabulated. The forms are printed. The receipts are in phase one of rigid order. The cats are pigs. We all live in a very tiny den.

It took two days to do that amount of paperwork. I knew at the right time in my life that a desk job would kill me.

It got too cold for a short walk outside. It was already well below my minimum operating temperature. That wind turned things ugly. Two days later it is almost safe enough to go back outside.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A Quick Snow

It came and went in four hours. A generous inch of snow pleasantly covers the 'aina. I was expecting more. The temperature has been dropping ever since. Next comes the cold. There is a threat of wind. It could get ugly.

Does two and a half hours count as a nap? The cats are pigs. Vacuuming wore me out. The books, pen and eyeballs were arranged neatly on the kitchen table.

There is snow outside.

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Gardens Of Ku'ulei 'Aina

I've felt it happening. These winters.

Arriving home centered in the In-Between Time, the Under Garden is out in full color.

It's true. This is my favorite garden of the year.

This is The Garden of Ku'ulei 'Aina dreamed a decade ago.

These winters were calling on a tropical wind.

"Plant a garden for winter. You need to be outside."

Asheville said, "Paint loud."

So I did.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Witches On A Cold Day

It can be too cold for work kind work and not too cold for a short walk outside. It all depends. There are two more days for work, then it is going to snow and get way too cold, for too many days for that kind of nonsense.

'Diane' and 'Jelena'.

It was cold when I got home today, but not too cold to take a short walk to visit the Witch Hazels. The days are getting longer.

When it gets towards freezing, the Witches' petals coil back inside.


Days of deep cold ahead. I see some cleaning ahead. Good time for some book work and paper shuffling too.

In the days ahead you will probably see its not too cold for a short walk outside.

It's a mental health break from those other things.

The cold is coming with a bout of dry and sun. That will be nice. The Witches of Winter could be out. 'Jelena' is always first.

The ground here is already frozen. Even two work days won't be enough to thaw it out before the deep cold gets here.

Water will freeze to ice.
Not 'Jelena'.

'Arnold' bides his time.

Snow is coming.

On a short walk with the Witches in the Under Garden of Winter, its not too cold.

It all depends.

On which ways the wind blows.

Friday, January 25, 2019

My Deer Friend

Seeing this over and over again on the computer is not the same as seeing it over and over, live and in person, interacting with the living biosphere.

This has been a strange year for deer in the biosphere. They are calmly showing themselves and evidently spending more time in the wild cultivated gardens. They have always been here. I'm beginning to get suspicious.

Last year I agreed to let my deer hunter put out food for them, way out back mind you.

A lot of folks in these parts know how to raise cattle. Raising deer can't be too different. My deer hunter is very good at deflecting on this subject and eager for every detail of my sightings and close encounters.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Wedding Cake Garden

The gardens at The Inn are expanding to the far side of the Almighty Falls. The headwaters of the falls in this picture is up top of course.

Clearing this section of the property back down to a blank slate is nearly done.

The original terraces of the old garden will be filled a new.

Gardens can very much have useful life spans. This one was planted in the late 60's from what I gather. It was abandoned for a decade centered around 2000 and in these parts the forest will do everything in its power to take every bit of human tinkering back. There wasn't much left worth saving.

I see a frosted wedding cake with the happy couple getting married on top.

I will plant it so.

After I get a design confirmation, procure hundreds of plants and have a good footing into spring.

Monday, January 21, 2019

A Winter Walkabout

In the Wild Cultivated Gardens

All that was left this morning was one degree. The sun was out and the wind was calm. This could turn into a nice snow day. It better. I stayed up and saw one tiny glimpse of the Full Blood Wolf Moon total eclipse last night. It decided to snow some more and blocked the view. At 9 degrees my endurance to keep looking was limited.

Shortly after high noon, with a sunshine melt underway, at a calm and balmy 22, I wandered outside. Bundle up and put on your shades, the sun is beaming out there. Click on a picture and do a winter slide show walkabout.

I need a nap.