Sunday, October 29, 2017


Yesterday it was fall in the rain. Don't forget you can click on a picture for a bigger look in a slide show.

I cleaned some more surfaces.

And walked up to the mailbox.

One Smooth Sumac has become an invading grove.

The leaf peepers are peeping. I can tell when they suddenly slow down on the one short stretch of straight road around.

A beautiful fall day in the rain.

There was a lot of front porch sitting in between short bursts of cleaning.

The phone rang of course the second I closed my eyes for a nap.

The rain had begun to pour.

We needed to drive to the airport and pick up the Sisters. What?

This was news to me. They were driving ..... a one way rental car. I was having a nice nap in the fall rain.

As is so often the case, things changed in the night.

Enter winter.

It has lingered longer than expected, well into the night when I expected the snow to be over by midday.

Tomorrow we will begin a return to fall.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Only Today

It has taken me all week to clean the majority of surfaces on the first floor of a tiny house. That amounts to about 350 square feet of floor space. There are still a couple of items left to tend to.

I think I have a cleaning problem.

Or a dirt problem.

Or a stuff problem. It keeps accumulating. I'm gathering moss.

But, too bad. Rain, maybe snow and some cold is coming. Gorgeous fall was happening today.

There is no guarantee of what will come out the other side.

So I stepped out for a slow walk and to ponder.

I can clean something else tomorrow.

This is happening today.

Soon my junk will be exposed.

I have been plotting a trip to the metal recycle. That may happen at some point. My baby Gold Rush Dawn Redwood was doing full fall today.

It has pretty much sat there for three years. My hope is all its growth is going into a robust root system and one day it will surprise me and take off. It has a unique for this forest leaf texture and fall color.

I wandered through the garden and looked at its ever growing bone structure.

I can truly see this garden maturing into less and less maintenance and more structure in perfect time for my decrepitude.

It is already at a point where the major editing is done by June. Then I putter and pretty much let the garden be what it wants to be until the winter chop down begins. And that depends on winter making the first move.

It is cleaner. More stuff was put away. I'm thinking a good purge might be just the thing for a snowy winter day.

Just remember, always stop a moment and take in the fall. Nothing is clean forever.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Life On Fall

I am trying my best to pay attention

As I scurry about with too much to do.

If even for just a few seconds to stop and take it all in. Pause.

I am not a fan of too much to do.

Did you know that if you click on any picture on the blog a slide show will pop up with bigger pictures to see?

You can just look at the pictures and ignore me.

I'm busy anyway trying to pay attention.

It will be over in a flash.

I'm supposed to be cleaning something.

You would not believe how many surfaces there are in such a tiny little house.

And woe is me, they all collect dust. One day my house won't need cleaning anymore.

I need a moment off.

To pay attention.

Life on fall.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Yes Now

Once the change begins it seems to pick up speed. I wake up each day to a new level of vibrant.

My little piece of mountain is almost at peak. There are a lot of mountains left.

Two mornings of maybe it will, maybe it won't freezing temperatures should do the trick.

There is snow in the diagnosis for this coming weekend and lows in the upper 20's for next week.

That will be the knock down killing freeze, the end of green.

Fall will have a short chance to mix with amber waves if the leaves manage to hold on for a bit.

I will enjoy what is, now.

Leaf peeping as I go about my days.

The barren time approaches.

But there is right now.