Saturday, September 29, 2018

Little House In The Meadow

Click on a picture for the slide show. It is pretty amazing. At least I can show you the pictures.

The Bird's Eye View

I have a whole lot of pictures and not much to say. The Tall Flower Meadows are in their full fall glory. I have been enjoying them.

I walked across the scenic byway, up my neighbor's scalped hillside of grass, for the bird's eye view of the front entry of a rural landscape.

At this time of year the idea of the roadside vegetable garden is fully disguised. Letting it go feral didn't change much about the overall look.

The ornamental garden part, I think it blends right in to the natural the most at the peak of the Tall Flower Meadow.

When will it be reclaimed for fine produce? I really need a good cook to inspire me.

This is good for now.

The big picture of the bird's eye view is the best.

Monday, September 24, 2018

All The Way Up Top

I think I practiced being retired over the weekend. In no hurry at all, I mowed a little, visited a little and dined a bit. It felt good while the seemingly never ending bad energy rumbled all around.

All the way up top, the light playing in grass is saying the world is shifting.

Let me make moments of light in a rumbling world for those passing by.

The Rattler was indeed rumbling while I practiced being retired. Leaf peeper season is yet coming and the hounds will be loosed from their pickup truck cages soon.

From the outside, this year's feral roadside vegetable garden doesn't look much different than usual. I'm sure some people have driven by and wondered what could that man possibly be doing in there? If they only knew.

A newly local stranger I met while visiting this weekend asked, yours is the house with the rail fence and all the flowers out front?

Yes, that would be my place, up there on the top.

Come visit if you like. I'm up there trying to grow good energy and more light.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Tall Flower Meadow On The First Day Of Fall

The maintenance gardener has limited endurance. He was out there opening and civilizing the paths over the last few days. He feels so much better when it is done. Visitors don't matter. It is for him alone.

It's a trap though.

The deeper you go into my garden, the more traumatic it is going to be for people who cannot abide plants and bugs that can touch them.

The lazier wild gardener is only willing to sacrifice so much for civilized. There is a limit to discarding perfectly good floral abundance.

As the world turns blue and white near the end.

There is civilized hidden out there in the wild.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Miss Flo

High on the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top the hurricane was a non-event.

There was no wind to speak of.

The three or four inches of rain we got felt like just another long rainy day of which there have been so many this year. Rot and leaf blight is abundant. The Lush doesn't care. It grows on.

This has been a wet year. All things considered the floppage in the Tall Flower Meadow is at expected levels without any crushing weather event. That is pretty perky for all this wet.

I have not had the heart yet to cut the flowering stems crossing the paths. I don't mind and can push my way through easy enough. No guests are planned until the Sisters arrive in late October.

That is enough time for the weather to change everything before I get the urge to clear the paths for fall. Still plenty paths left open for strolling.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Pre-Hurricane Bloom Days

A living mega-ton water bomb crashed into the SE coast yesterday. Then time shifted into slow motion. The first splash reached the high mountains of the NC/TN border around 5pm on Bloom Day. The word is plenty more water to come and my plenty is on the low end of 2-4 inches.

I have two wild style meadow gardens to show for this Bloom Day. Some of you inside the water bomb might enjoy a little extra diversion - if your electricity is still on. I got out there before things got wet. It will be several days before that happens again. I see house cleaning ahead. Ugh!

You can click on a picture for the nicer slide show. It's September in the Tall Flower Meadows, a glorious time of the year. I will leave you here to explore on your own. I'm still not in the mood to type much. The pictures will have to be my thousand words.

Garden #2 - The Bug Garden