Saturday, July 28, 2018

Lost In Meadow

With the Invisible Man
Cept I know this machine is keeping close tabs on me.

Click on a picture for the slideshow. If you are into landscape photography, enjoy the show.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

In A Wild Garden

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Almighty Falls First Year Of Green

There have been two repairs for the same problem to the main water line heading up the hill. The 3" flexible pipe was dented and sliced vertically and sprung powerful leaks.

The spring this original water course was built for has been running fierce. It wasn't enough to make up for the powerful leaks ejecting water out of the rubberized system. It was enough to keep the pump cool.

I have my theories. One of them involves a spring turning into a for real glacier in the deep cold above and below a huge pile of rocks with a rubber liner sandwiched in between.

The first year of greenery is coming along nicely after it was dinged by the removal of a massive Black Walnut tree. They managed to keep it out of the Almighty Falls at least. Removing a Black Walnut from a freshly planted slope was worth it though. Their allelopathy is real.

A spring fed pond that never needs filling versus a for real glacier in the deep cold filling the entire bottom half, above and below a rubberized channel, the jury is still out. I will say my pile of rocks did not budge.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Color Texture Form

The universe told me to rest this weekend so I did. My left hip is back to normal - for this stage of decay. A whole lot of rain helped enforce some rest. I took some pictures before things got really wet.

The garden is crammed full of botanical delights.

It has been full of damn varmints too. The deer have been dining here much more this year. They still prefer their wild foods and in gardens like these there is plenty to spare. And the deer bless them, are one thousand times better than a herd of loose cows.

Plenty things they don't eat. Their diet is actually pretty confined to about six to ten species of plants. We have a lot of those.

I can still walk through wild gardens finding botanical art in color, texture and form.

Testing, testing …..  Will my new eyeballs do closeups?

There are strange things in a wild garden. The deer ate the leaves and left all the dangling blue balls.

A lot of strange things going on.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Getting Louder

It could be wishful thinking or just my imagination, but I think the Tall Flower Meadows are having an exceptionally good early summer bloom this year.

Whatever is going on, the wildflowers keep getting louder.

The early summer color has penetrated deeper into the meadow.

It helps that some damn bug has not eaten all the petals of the Black Eyed Susan.

And the liatris is having a never before seen super bloom.

Joe Pye is about to join in.

This is as close as I get to a curb in these parts.

The serene welcome home of Turd Blossom Pond.

Then I sat for an invisible selfie.

And kept sitting, not getting far from the front porch. My left hip has been talking to me in ways I am not fond of for the last two days. It is a sign of the inevitable getting louder.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

In A Wild Garden

I wander. Maybe for an hour or so I will forget. Click on a picture for the slide show and enter the first ever super bloom of liatris.