Monday, September 11, 2023

Get Back To The Garden

The maintenance gardener is feeling sad. He was hoping the spurt of energy would last through the summer mowing season. That is not what happened.

I was in the hospital for two nights and three days last week because the drain catheter in my right lung got infected. Another CT scan showed the cancer had grown right back. Instead of any improvement, I have gone back to sleeping most of the day. The garden grows fuzzier by the day.

The garden is also doing a spectacular bloom which makes the garden designer who has been nudging a meadow in this direction for the last decade quite happy.

It's like my garden knows. Even the strong thunderstorms the last few days have only bent the tall flower meadow. It has not broken. The flowering meadow will fluff again on the next dry wind.

I have a consult with a radiation oncologist tomorrow. Just to see if I can breathe a little better. But the time for hospice is here. Then I can get back into the garden.