Friday, February 26, 2021

Three Days Of Warm Sunshine

I went to work kind work of course. Lucky I can start slow and warm up to full time work kind work. With longer days, there was some warm day leftover when I got home.

The stinze is beginning to rise.

I got one of three discarded amaryllis to bloom. See if I can do better next year.

You know the witches were out.

The Under Garden is looking good. I have some minor adjustments in mind come planting weather.

I told you the witches were out. Now there will be many days of rain.

All that sunshine was even good enough for the cats to go outside. Until the rains came.

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Witches Drew Me Down

I graduated myself from physical therapy today. I was as fixed as they could get me.

The truly horrible sciatica was gone in the first week. Thank you very much. I should have whined sooner. My old nemesis, the hip dysplasia derived crick in back returned. The two are linked by a heavy cord of nerves and one old gardener's body. Such is the way it is.

That crick in my back is the devil I will have to deal with on my own. My job now is to PT and stretch the beast away. Strengthen my core. Stretch the lumbar. Warm up first. Stand up straight. Shoulders back. Yada, yada, yada from now on.

I was wary, but the witches drew me down on a sunny, 50 whole degrees briefly kind of day, after this morning's snow storm anyway.

'Arnold' is still holding back.

I knelt down for snowdrops and the crick came back. The sad truth is the narrow lumpy paths in the wild cultivated gardens are not conducive to good posture.

The paths here suck. I need to win the lottery and hire some path makers. Yes I do. But I came in, stretched out, did some PT and made that crick go away. Progress. I am learning to calm the beast.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Failure Of Processes

The fire would not catch because the sticks were too wet. It will burn when it is ready.

The division of the snowdrops did not happen because they were frozen solid. It made me laugh. It took a hard stomp with the shovel to split the clumps in half. They will thaw. The soil will crumble. The division will happen.

All the more reason to marvel at 'Jelena' after the ice storm. How could you not like a flowering shrub with blooms this cold hardy.

'Arnold' has yet to achieve a complete unfurling. It creeps open in the cold.

I wander in a garden bathed in long beams of sunshine. Light dancing.

Glass catches and reflects the light.

Where snowdrops thrive in frozen ground.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

After Ice

I picked up sticks. Yesterday at 32 degrees under cloudy skies with misting snow and no wind, it was quite pleasant. I got my garden picked up.

Today at 42 degrees with clear blue skies and a steady breeze, it was not quite so pleasant. The wind chilly feature of my temperature operating apparatus may be fading. I got the ridge top garden next door picked up. Surprisingly there was very little deadfall over there in a garden twice the size.

It was too wind chilly and I did not manage to get in some more chop and drop despite the sun and warmer degrees. Another day will come.

Now I have a great big hairball of sticks to burn before the crocus ring around the pit begins to bloom. They are just now breaking ground. I considered having a fire, but it was too wind chilly. Another day will come. I saw daffodils in all that bending and stooping. They may be a little later than usual, but the bulbs are on their way.

Thursday, February 18, 2021


It was odd. Rain that did not drip off the roof. There are going to be a lot of sticks to pick up.

When this wave of the vortex has passed. It is rather dangerous out there today.

I did not get far. Wandered out to the parking lot.

Places where there were no trees overhead.

The ice was thicker than suggested.

I was hearing things crash.

The witch hazels were still blooming, in flower cubes.

Then it began to melt fast.

For all practical purposes, it had started to rain. There was a lot of ice stuck up in those trees.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

On The Edge Of The Vortex

The temperature went backwards on Tuesday. It started to rime just over my head.

Tonight we are having ice. Frozen stuff of multiple sorts will be falling from the sky. This is the Under Garden before the storm. I thought it was looking rather fetching in the blue light of a mountain's shadow.

Monday, February 15, 2021

A Hot Spot Bloom Day

There are gnarly winter storms happening today coast to coast and way down south in Texas where such things should not be happening. I lucked out. It is now day four of fog, drizzle, mist, rain, hovering 40 degrees and more fog. Lots and lots of fog. The snow will be back on Thursday Wednesday. That is to be expected this time of year,

I am in a hot spot for Bloom Day and the Witch Hazels are taking advantage. 'Arnold's Promise' is swelling yellow.

A few flowers have opened. 'Arnold' is the last of the three kind H. x intermedia I have to bloom.

'Jelena' is in full bloom.

'Jelena' and 'Arnold' together on the edge of the Great Lawn.

Along the drive 'Diane' is in full bloom beside 'Jelena' #2. There is also a 'Jelena' #3. I like 'Jelena'.

The snowdrops are enjoying this 40 degree heat wave too.

That reminds me. A big fat clump of snowdrops got dug up that were in the middle of the road going to the Turnip Fields. I need to go fetch them and spread them around now that my sciatica and all the snow is gone.

Gone for now at least.

Winter is not done with me yet, but my Bloom Days in the garden have started. I spotted the first crocus coming up.

The Under Garden of winter did not get a lot of show and tell this year. It was covered in snow for a good long spell.

What do you think? After ten years, is it a garden yet? Not quite your typical foundation planting that is for certain. No matter, in 40 degree heat waves it is a garden that brings me outside.