Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Miss Flo

High on the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top the hurricane was a non-event.

There was no wind to speak of.

The three or four inches of rain we got felt like just another long rainy day of which there have been so many this year. Rot and leaf blight is abundant. The Lush doesn't care. It grows on.

This has been a wet year. All things considered the floppage in the Tall Flower Meadow is at expected levels without any crushing weather event. That is pretty perky for all this wet.

I have not had the heart yet to cut the flowering stems crossing the paths. I don't mind and can push my way through easy enough. No guests are planned until the Sisters arrive in late October.

That is enough time for the weather to change everything before I get the urge to clear the paths for fall. Still plenty paths left open for strolling.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Pre-Hurricane Bloom Days

A living mega-ton water bomb crashed into the SE coast yesterday. Then time shifted into slow motion. The first splash reached the high mountains of the NC/TN border around 5pm on Bloom Day. The word is plenty more water to come and my plenty is on the low end of 2-4 inches.

I have two wild style meadow gardens to show for this Bloom Day. Some of you inside the water bomb might enjoy a little extra diversion - if your electricity is still on. I got out there before things got wet. It will be several days before that happens again. I see house cleaning ahead. Ugh!

You can click on a picture for the nicer slide show. It's September in the Tall Flower Meadows, a glorious time of the year. I will leave you here to explore on your own. I'm still not in the mood to type much. The pictures will have to be my thousand words.

Garden #2 - The Bug Garden

Saturday, September 8, 2018

West Asheville Garden Stroll 2018

The 10th anniversary of the West Asheville Garden Stroll felt like the very first time again for me. I gave up volunteering last year because the Almighty Falls, and well because, I was getting old and going blind. Today was just an unplanned adventure like the very first time.

Ten years later and I am older and more whatever. But I have lived in small towns for so long, now far outside another, that going to Asheville is like going on safari to the big city. It was my turn to be the rubbernecker.

I deviated from a gardens on tour only protocol to taking a picture of whatever captured my eye as I walked the back streets of West Asheville.

Click on a picture for the better slide show to pop up.

This is a small slice of West Asheville. They will never need worry about quirky.