Friday, April 9, 2021

Looking Up My Driveway


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Peak Bulb In Hiding

What you are about to see is the sunny utility meadow. It is the utility easement and main foot path between our two driveways. I saw bulbs blooming when I drove by and decided I needed to walk over there for a look.

Much to my surprise the daffodils were unsquashed and in peak bloom.

Daffodil density is lower in the sunny utility meadow, fewer bulbs per square foot. No matter, they were looking good. So wander.

I've been having a little trouble going inside on these warm sunny spring evenings.

I get there eventually.

Monday, April 5, 2021

After Doom Next Door

I was pleasantly surprised. Things did not look near as bad as expected. There was even some perky left. The daffodils and other spring bulbs all faired pretty well. It was the daylily and iris that took the biggest hit. The magnolia blossoms were freeze fried to a crisp.

Enjoy a little after doom daffodil sampler from Bulbhilla.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

After Doom

The only thing that got covered was the weeping Japanese maple on the shores of Turd Blossom Lake. The sheet blew off and the expanding leaf buds look nipped. Two other JM that were leafing out got zapped.

Doom did not turn out nearly as bad as I expected with three nights below freezing and a low of 17. Perkiness is shot of course. The daylily and iris took a hit. That can affect bloom quality for this year. Time will tell.

The warm came back for Easter.

The roadside grasses got cut down. The voles ate pretty much all of the Aromatic Aster up there. That truly annoys me. Damn varmints!

Plenty daffodils remain. Plenty daffodils had the flower stems snapped. Even unfrozen, they won't be standing back up.

The early trilliums were still there.

The garden will grow on. It always does. In abundance.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Peak Bulb

The daffodils and minor bulbs did a once in a decade peak bloom this year. Everything was just right to make it happen, until it wasn't.

How long will it last? How will it end? That is always the question of spring.

A once in a decade peak bloom happened. Bulbarella and I were witness. It can happen again.

Peak bloom is now in the process of being frozen. The spring bulbs are quite cold hardy, but they do have their limits. The suggested low for Good Friday morning is 14.

Perkiness will surely be lost.

On the final day, as the high clouds of approaching doom cast a perfect flat light over the mountain top, peak bulb was photographed.

That you may witness it too. Walk the mountain top with Bulbarella Stinze.