Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Flock Of Seagulls

Unless they are turkeys.

And there is not a bit of snow on the ground. It is covered in pine needles.

But way out yonder in the borderlands, on the other side of that tallest mountain is Siberolina buried in the snow. Out there where I live.

Friday, January 30, 2015

In Siberolina

With wind and snow and cold.

I stood on the front porch.
It was a Siberolina kind of day.

That was pretty much it.
I stood there and looked out.
It was cold and windy and blowing snow.

When the sun came out late in the day
I left the porch and stood further out there.

That was pretty much it.
The sun was out,
But it was still cold and windy
It was a Siberolina kind of day.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

On And Off

They have been refusing to go outside, such delicate little creatures. That would be fine except for the fifteen minute spurt of uncontrolled energy when they start bouncing off the walls. It is better when that gets dissipated out there.

Well it was sunny and warmish this afternoon. I encouraged them to risk it. Very carefully following in my foot prints so as not to get their paws too deep in the snow, they ventured off the porch.

Jumping from rock to rock was another solution.

A couple of some what sunny days will end with more snow tonight. There will be a short break on Saturday and then right back to snow again on Sunday. There won't be much of a chance for a full melt in between.

'Jelena' continues to bloom on and off as the sunny days permit. I have been quite impressed with the Witch hazels staying power.

'Diane' is bit by bit, one sunny day at a time, getting closer to full bloom.

On the snow off days I head to town and try to get a little work done. Depending on location and elevation, there are gardens with no snow in them at all.

Things are different on my side of the county closer to the Tennessee border snow belt.

'Arnold's Promise' waits, loaded with buds.

When the sun is on and the snow is off, 'Jelena' blooms in the barren time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

About To Get Shafted

With that first frigid light

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Objects In The Snowy

Despite any suggestions
Winter wasn't giving up

A fine powdered snow kept falling
And falling

Is it snow

Or frozen bits of cloud

Too heavy to remain aloft

I decided to stay put

And looked for other amusements

Like sun ripened fresh tomatoes

Winter has decided to stay put
In the last week of January

On into February
I see

The list for the week is pocketed with snowy

Nothing warm enough for spring

Eventually winter gets here
All objects in the snowy

Monday, January 26, 2015

Things Changed In The Night

The far south west side of the blizzard that may be taking out New England is visiting me too.

I'll only be getting a couple of inches, not a couple of feet.

It started snowing in the night, has snowed all day and may keep snowing until tomorrow afternoon. This is a classic Tennessee border snow. It probably isn't snowing in town at all.

This ain't much. Only two inches so far.

It was enough to keep me and three kitties stationary and/or reclined most of the day.

I had two naps.

The plow has been driving by incessantly. The road is perfectly clear. Another clue that tells me this is a classic high elevation Tennessee border snow.

 If it looks just a bit better tomorrow, I'm breaking out of here, just for something to do.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dung On A Sunny Day

The sun came out. The temperature went up. Most of the snow melted on my side of the scenic byway.

It was a day not to be wasted. Once the melt had a good start I dove into my pile of finished dung. I have a roadside vegetable garden to get ready for spring.

I'm not sure where or if I will be able to find any tree trimmer's wood chips. I may just end of using bagged mulch from the big box store. That will work just fine as a mulch and it decomposes too. It just isn't free. I like free.

I could just weed more, but I am too lazy busy for that.

'Diane' is aiming for full bloom. Winter is aiming to return for the entire week starting again tonight. The Witch Hazels won't mind. They have proven how durable they are at -5 degrees.

Will the real 'Diane' please speak up. This one is red, red, pure red.

This one is a dull red with orange red. It certainly isn't 'Jelena'. Who could it be? I guess I'll have to go looking.

Well, Monrovia's picture of 'Diane' from where these came looks nothing at all like either of mine. It will have to remain a mystery of clonal variability for now.

The Witch Hazels are pretty. They bloom in the barren time. They bloom before, during and after the snow and are unfazed by the cold. They are proving to have a long bloom period. The fall leaf color is supposed to be nice. Do I really care what the cultivar name is?

We may need more. I think they would look nice by the chimney. I am up here all winter after all and do wander the entire wild cultivated gardens. It can't hurt to spread the pretty.

The Under Garden came back out today. I shouldn't forget about it in my thrills over the Witch Hazels. It is far more visible from the scenic byway, for now at least. I want to add more this spring when my favorite nursery is back up and running. With what I am not sure. Something will strike my fancy.

High on the low spot it was a nice sunny day with dung.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

It Snowed

I slept in. It kept snowing until one. I was forced to organize my receipts. I might start the cipherin for my taxes the next time it snows.

A little bit of snow makes all the baby trees and shrubberies I have planted stand out. It will be a significant screen when they all grow big and fill in. The two hollies are struggling though. They may never amount to much.

The slope below the scenic byway should become a low mixed hedge row. It should. It just doesn't happen very quickly. My garden is on the extreme edge of so many conditions favorable to plant growth.

It was a bit windy yesterday and the dead and decomposing hemlocks keep giving up their limbs.

Is 'Jelena' about to be done? She didn't curl up for the cold. It was 26 this morning. Maybe they don't curl until it gets colder.

The grasses are getting thin too. The wind is a big component of winter decomposition. The diagnosis is saying sun tomorrow then right back to more snow and cold. I think we are about to do winter for real. I may be forced to do my taxes.