Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Some Crocus Before They're Gone

We have been having a heat wave and the Witch Hazels and snowdrops have burned through and pretty much finished up their bloom. The crocus are rising fast. 

It is best to go have a look before they finish a hasty bloom or get eaten by the deer.

The Great Lawn is choke full of crocus bulbs in all colors.

Today was the first full bloom at 70 degrees for a high. That is too hot for February.

The crocus were enjoying it. I did too at work today. Spring is here. It is time to get back to work. If only I felt better. I'm going back to visit the doctor tomorrow.

The Great Lawn has been thoroughly doused with red hot pepper. Damn varmints! The good news is the crocus are multiplying very well. It seems as long as the flowers get pollinated, they can get eaten and the seed pods still develop below ground before coming up when they are ready for dispersal.

I saw lots of crocus today.

Friday, February 17, 2023

Then It Snowed


Thursday, February 16, 2023

A Day Late For Bloom Day.

Yesterday was not a good day. I felt completely exhausted, unable to move, and spent the day napping on and off. I lost track of what day it was. It was Bloom Day and I slept through it. This sinus infection seems to be lifting, but it is not letting go easily. Rotating days of warm have set the bulbs in motion. Sunshine signals opening days.

These early crocus remind me to go have a look at the house next to the Catholic church in town that is a solid lawn of crocus. It is a sight to behold.

The sunshine encourages the snowdrops to open fully as well.

This is the beginning of many full Bloom Days to come.

The Witch Hazels are in bloom. It is interesting that they seem to have long petal and short petal years. Or I am imagining things.

I caught a sweet whiff of 'Arnold's Promise' passing by. That is a good sign. I am so over feeling sick.

More crocus arrive on a daily basis.

The damn deer eat my crocus. This year they will be getting a mouth full of hot pepper to go with my flowers.

The hellebore are in bloom too.

Next up will be the daffodils. They are rising in force. I'm running late on my chop and drop this year and spring is running a touch early. I need to feel better soon.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Some Flowers Before A Storm

A winter storm has begun. There could be a large amount of snow delivered tomorrow. That's fine. I still feel like crap. I am now on a second course of a different antibiotic. I have to wonder if the real problem is that I am allergic to Solly who came to live with us for the winter. Meanwhile, the crocus are rising.

The snowdrops are spreading.

'Diane' is now in bloom.

The hellebores are popping back up after all their foliage got cooked in the polar blast.

'Arnold's Promise' has joined in.

I can't taste or smell much of anything right now. 'Arnold's Promise' can be quite fragrant.

The snowdrops are spreading fast.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The Early Risers

Except for the -8 degree polar blast that cooked a lot of evergreens, now shedding all their leaves, it has been a pretty mild winter with little snow. There has been plenty of cold, wet and icky 40 degree rain. Spring is coming early now with some 60 degree days. The snowdrops are in full bloom all across the mountain top.

The first crocus have started to show and the daffodils are pushing up from below. The hellebore are starting to bloom. 

The Witch Hazels bloom on. If spring is going to be early, we just have to hope another polar blast doesn't arrive to wreck things. More snow is to be expected. It's only the first week of February.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Snowdrops In The Mist

It has been wet and icky all week. I was feeling icky enough to finally go to the doctor to find out I have a sinus infection. Day two of the cure and I still feel icky.

Walking halfway up the driveway to see 'Jelena' and 'Diane' in bloom in a thick cold fog took some effort.

I have been sleep disturbed and nap rich. Accomplishing one chore a day seems plenty. 

The snowdrops are blooming. The daffodils are rising. More snow is on the way. The ick will be gone soon enough one hopes and replaced with the fresh energy of spring.