Thursday, January 26, 2023

I See Snowdrops

I went for a walk while the sun was out in between rain and snow, to see what I might see. The weather of late has not been very conducive to being outside at all. It does not help that I am not feeling well. It could be bronchitis or walking pneumonia. I don't know how to be sick. I have little experience with that.

I saw a mountain top covered in snowdrops in a howling wind that should have kept me inside.

And more snowdrops around every bend in the path.

A few daffodils were peeking out. It is time to do the chop and drop before the spring bulbs arrive. Now the weather and my energy level need to cooperate. Today it was too cold.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Along The Scenic Driveway

After several years of feeding the idea out to the heavens, the universe aligned and produced a new and improved driveway down the hill to the cozy cabin. Here it is while in process.

Two water bars were added to direct torrential rains off the driveway before they could turn into gulley washing rivers. I had seen a lot of variations of this concept online and how to make them. My road fixer suggested sections of guardrail that I had not seen online. This was a simple and brilliant solution. It will be interesting to see how they work and stand up over time.

The driveway was tilted and the stream side of the driveway was shaved lower, all to direct water away from the house and parking lot. Two of my blooming Witch Hazels ended up on a small island. I was quite adamant that those were staying put and were not to be dinged by heavy machines.

It was a nice, mostly sunny day for fixing a driveway.

'Jelena' was in full bloom, minus the flowers the deer have been eating. Damn varmints!

Tomorrow I will wake up to the return of snow.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Uncovered Blooms

Eight inches of snow melted pretty fast. We are having whiplash weather, hot to cold and back again.

All it takes is for the air to warm, the sun to come out a bit and the Witch Hazels resume blooming as if nothing happened.

All three 'Jelena' in the garden are in full bloom. 'Diane' is breaking bud.

And the snowdrops are up and in full bloom. The bees are buzzing as the petals open for business. That is a sight to see in an on and off January winter.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

A Snow Covered Bloom Day

The mood changed with a thunderous downpour followed by two full days of snow. The blooms I had a few days ago are now covered in snow.

This is the first real snow of the season and it turned out to be the most snow, eight inches, that we have had in several years.

In between naps, I gaze upon a winter wonderland. My Bloom Day happened a few days earlier.

On the second day the baubles were buried and gone. Scroll on down to the next post to see the flowers I had before the storm. They will be back when the snow melts.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

'Jelena' Before Some Snow

The mood changes endlessly on a spinning planet. It is motion disguised in other forms.

The process of getting my driveway re-graded and re-graveled is in the works. The first attempt has been delayed by three to six inches of incoming winter snow. This will be the first real snowstorm of the season. Another day will come to fix my driveway.

Another season will come to plant the roadside vegetable garden. I did get in there late one afternoon and start the process of tidying things up.

Perhaps next year's harvest of fine produce will be more impressive. Last year was pitiful except for a decent harvest of dried beans.

The Witch Hazel 'Jelena' is in full bloom in the warm before a winter storm.

And I wander

With two cats who are slow to go very far outside unescorted.

Tomorrow, the mood will be different.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

In The Winter Garden

Standing on the front porch in the early morning sun, it was below my minimum operating temperature. There was a good breeze. I was expecting better.

Do my eyes deceive me? Have the Witch Hazels come out? I added another layer and ventured out.  Indeed, the Witches have started to bloom.

The first week of January is a very early start. Winter has not actually happened yet and the snowdrops are rising.

The sun stayed weak and the breeze stayed on blow. Solly ran out to join me.

The Witch hazels are in bloom. I had contemplated tidying the roadside vegetable garden under different expectations. That would now require more layers and it seemed like too much trouble.

A weak sun can be made to do fun things and I was happy enough to wander out and see that. It was warmer inside.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

I See Snowdrops

A mighty wind full of lightning blew through on the first wave of a hot front. The power was out for five hours. The temperatures have gotten above 60 degrees. Now things are headed back to cool. Not cold, in January. Niwaki.

The second wave of the storm poured through this morning. Then the skies began to clear.

And Solly came out. She gets to go out more often when I am around to supervise. I still have to protect her from Button, inside and out.

I love my winter garden.

But I started house cleaning in a storm and had to stick with it. The day's mood was set. I was also navigating the data across multiple platforms for my transition to Medicare health insurance. What fun.

I see snowdrops rising in ground soaked in warm rains. Let a new garden season begin.

In this kind weather the Witches will soon be out.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

A Tropical New Year

I've been hibernating. A good thaw didn't get started until Thursday. Today it was almost 60 degrees. The Niwaki cloud pruning did not get done last winter for some reason. Today was a fine warm day for another training session.

The dogwood and fothergilla are beginning to crowd and shade the uphill side of the Niwaki. They will need to get pushed back. That can wait until spring when I can dig some fothergilla starts to plant somewhere else.

I can't be called a cloud pruning master that is for sure. I can tell the flow is off. I'm probably not brutal enough. I hesitate to remove more whole branches when I am in no hurry. This can take years to ponder. For now, it is done and off the list until next year.

The books are done and closed for the year. In the next round of hibernation, I can start my taxes. When it's warm, I have a tendency to wander outside.