Monday, July 7, 2008

Cue The Melodramatic Music

It is a violent jungle out there.

Something big is lurking out there amongst the poisonous vines that grab your feet, the thorns that gouge your flesh and the vermin that crawl over your skin to find the perfect spot to suck your blood.

A monster has been let loose in the thickets and fields of an ancient landscape.

Some hard shelled body thought it was best to take cover. A disturbance in the mulch revealed his hiding place.

I may have found the corn cutting culprit. Two stalks were ripped/chewed off at the ground and spit out. A few others had been sideswiped and had a distinct lean.

Would dangling earrings make the monster more or less fierce? Maybe a bone through the nose? This initial terrified turtle is a good sign.

There is plenty of food and cover elsewhere, away from the monster.

Mr Turtle went for a long walk down to the proper meadow.


Frances, said...

Maybe the earrings should be little skulls. I like the bone in the nose too. If the culprit is four legged, he may not look up at your monster, but he is missing an awesome sight.

Unknown said...

*GRIN* What a great post. I dig the monster!

chuck b. said...

Will it scare off the raccoons? I need a monster. Your gardens grow lovelier by the blog post.

Annie in Austin said...

Oh, that monarda and astilbe! Forget the melodramatic music, Christopher - start up something more passionate.

Maybe Hawk-shaped earrings would be fearsome for most animals.


Anonymous said...

Try using some old used DVD's as earrings. The movement & them shining should help keep things at bay.
Flowers are beautiful.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lots of great ideas for earrings. I could make it so earrings could be changed with the season or the mood. Got the first drive by compliment on the new creature yesterday while I was showing company here for a few days around.

Annie if the Ligularia kicks in, in that patch of Monarda and Astilbe it will be a real symphony.

Chuck look into a motion detector that turns on a sprinkler.

lisa said...

VERY cool monster! Did you make it?

lisa said...

Oh duh-sorry! Guess I should scroll down and read backwards to catch up! :)