Saturday, February 21, 2009

Before More Snow

There was more siding.

It took some effort to get the long corner trim boards put on the tall end of the cabin where the ground is the shortest. Those two boards took a couple of hours to get placed right and securely nailed.

That allowed me to do the siding on the other side of the back kitchen door. If I squint hard I can tell my siding seams on opposite sides of the door don't quite match up. The next piece of siding above the door will straighten that out. It wasn't enough to worry about.

I'll finish the siding to below the porch roof, as far as I can go before the roof needs to go on. I have this hankering though to do the lower courses of siding on the downhill side now that my corner trim board is on. That is the side you see when driving by on the scenic highway, the big house of Lowes side. I want to cover that up.

Right after this snow passes and a brief day of warm returns some time next week.


Heather said...

Very nice- I can't see the discrepency on either side of the kitchen door! Can you come to Idaho and build a deluxe chicken house and a new bathroom:D

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I just went over to the webcam at Cold Springs Ranch and you are really getting a LOT of snow right now. It looks like it has been snowing for some time! Your progress on the siding is incredible, especially for a "one man crew"! I don't see the dicrepency either, but I think you are a perfectionist and so maybe it is there, but oh so slight. Soon it will warm up and you can work on the last side of the cabin walls. It is really looking GREAT!

Stay warm!

Frances said...

Hi Christopher, I was so hoping you would get some work done yesterday since it turned out to be warmer than expected, here anyway. Looks like you got a lot done. Hooray! We just had a light dusting of snow, it is gone now and the day is sunny though the wind is cold. Things are looking up for us both. :-)

lola said...

Looking good Christopher. I don't see any difference at all. It sure is looking more cozy with each plank. Hopefully you will have some warm days coming up.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Despite squinting I couldn't see that the siding isn't perfectly aligned. I guess you have to be there.