Sunday, February 15, 2009

It Can't Always Be Colorful

Sometimes the clouds are too thick because there is something headed this way and the sky at sunset is just shades of grey.

Sometimes a story gets put on hold because the spark of ignition for typing only flickers, never lights, like a sunny utility meadow waiting for multiple days of warmth to take flight.

Sometimes we go hunting and only see a slight rustle. Tiny nandinas with winter red leaves only hint at some color being next to some green.

Sometimes all the parts are on hand with weather that cooperates and some siding that lines up just right with the wall around the corner is tacked into place. It's a good thing to since I did not think to check until I stood back and looked after five boards had been nailed on. I think it means my cozy cabin is essentially square and level. I had meant to paint, but thought I'd put on just one Hardie Plank once the flashing above and below the back kitchen door had finished taking shape.

Sometimes the blooms are just promises to come. Two sacks of daffodil bulbs jump in my cart a little while back and the bulbs from one sack are coming up nice and fat.

Sometimes the blooms for a Garden Bloggers Bloom Day that started two years ago on a cold winter day in a place we'll call May Dreams have to be used again cause that's just all we've got. There is a very distinctive white spot on a hillside of brown that gives me much hope that things will come around.

It's the Snowdrops. That's what I got for a February Bloom Day in the upper most low spot on a North Carolina mountain top.

They very much enjoyed their last week in the sun. Little seed pods are forming and the petals are fading. They won't last much longer and tomorrow they will be gone. The other kind snow drops are covering them now. Those too thick grey clouds have arrived with their cold load.


lola said...

First, what is that area past the old home place? Is it a path or can you drive by it. Also it looks like some kind of pond!!!
Second did you plant the drops? They still look great. Mine are still blooming. Your daffodils will look great when they start to pop.
The cozy cabin is looking more like "home" with each plank. I know you are getting anxious.
Sky pix looks like home.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola, directly behind the old home place is the highway that you can't really see. What you do see is my neighbor's place across the street and his hillside of grass and one of the roads that goes further up his property. There is a small pond over there on the left side of the chimney that you can't really see and they have let it go. It used to be a series of three ponds, but they kind of fell into disrepair and two of them drained.

My mom, Bulbarella and her assistant, my dad, the Building Contractor planted every bulb in this garden. The 10,000 daffodils are waking.

Frances said...

Hi Christopher, the hardie plank in really dressing up the cozy cabin, remaking it from the Lowe's cabin into Christopher's cabin. The snowdrops are full of promise as an appetizer with the entree of daffs yet to come. And you had to buy more daffs yourself, it must be in the genes! HA


Jan said...

Hi, Christopher. I love the snowdrops and wish I could grow them. In the Deep South, we have to go with summer snowflakes instead. I am sure it won't be long before the daffodils burst into bloom and that will be a spectacular show.

Always Growing

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your prose more than makes up for your lack of blooms. Not to take away from your gorgeous clump of Snowdrops. They are the most serving blooms this time of year in many northern gardens. Happy GBBD.

Gail said...

A delightful post and it's how many of us feel as we walk around the garden or look at our drafts collection in blogger! Love the snowdrops! They are a bright spot of color in the Southeastern woods! Your cabin is coming along quite nicely....and hardy plank was a great invention! Have a good week!


chuck b. said...

However did those snowdrops find that one particular patch to settle in.

lisa said...

Happy Bloom Day! Glad to see that the weather is cooperating enough to let you make some progress on the cabin too...light at the end of your wintery tunnel to be sure. Very nice to see kitties out and about.

Carol said...

Sometimes there are no blooms, just promises of blooms. Sometimes you have just one snowdrop, and others have drifts of them.

The cabin looks great, nice and square!

Thanks for a fun bloom day post.
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Another great post. I also am curious as to how that clump of snowdrops found their spot on that hillside? Your view shots always amaze me.

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances, I am liking the siding for sure and yes those genes got me good.

Hi Jan. In Florida the Rain Lilies, Zephyranthes sp. were one of my favorites.

My silly prose. Thanks Lisa.

Hi Gail. Yes wandering around in the garden now feels a bit forlorn looking for green specks poking up through the leaf litter.

Chuck, I am sure that is where Bulbarella planted them. They have been wandering off in all directions though and appear as small white specks in the brown.

Lisa at this point it is almost neccesary to toss the kitties out. I am wondering if mama Spot got spooked some how. She'll only come out with me. I did see another cat one day about a week ago. She does like her walks though and came all the way down to the cozy cabin one day.

Carol, you're the best!

Siria, it was Bulbarella. It will be interesting to watch the escapees become clumps over time.