Sunday, February 22, 2009

The More of Snow

The wind began yesterday evening. The snow snuck in during the night.

It continued to fall all day in slowly decreasing density with lifting and at times parting clouds. Bits of sun at midday melted half of what had accumulated in gusty winds filled with moving flakes and ongoing sub-freezing temperatures.

The rhododendron never gave up its death curl. It's such a pitiful sight.

Late in the day the most sky and the distant mountain made an appearance before darkness returned.

Slivers of frozen glass crystals fall in the darkness. The penetrating deep cold has returned.


chuck b. said...

Brrrr! Those stairs look like fun in better weather.

Frances said...

Hi Christopher, that was a cold wind, wasn't it? So sorry for more snow.

MacGardens said...

Interesting to see your progress in building the cabin and landscape. Looks like a glorious setting.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! This has got to be the coldest, snowiest winter up there in many years. Soon it will warm up and you will have plenty of time to finish your cozy cabin! Your pictures are beautiful as always.

Christopher C. NC said...

Those stairs do lead to a little meditation garden, Chuck. Though right now you could kill yourself getting there.

Frances, if it's gonna be cold it might as well snow. It's pretty.

Hi Macgardens. It is a very nice spot up here.

Siria, it is sure more snowy than last winter. I went and looked at the Cold Springs Ranch site. He is way more remote than me. I am fairly certain I drove by that on the way to Max Patch.

Siria said...

I found that site when I was Googling directions to the Max Patch hike. It caught my eye because I have a friend who takes care of someone's property in Cold Springs Ranch. I was amazed that he had that webcam out there. I've never been out there, so I'm not really sure how far out it is. I believe it's in the opposite "fork in the road" at Ferguson's from your place. From that intersection, how far is the Max Patch hike?

Christopher C. NC said...

To get to Max Patch from Fergusons you do go straight instead of turning to get up to me. From Fergusons you just have to be sure to stay on the main road all the way to Max Patch. I'd say it is about fifteen miles, ten of which are a gravel road. The gravel road is nice and wide and not very steep at all. Just bumpy and potentially dusty.

Cold Springs Ranch is about two thirds of the way there I'd guess.

lola said...

Christopher, it is pretty when it's snowing lazily at night. I use to sit & watch it when I lived in N.J. It seems so peaceful. Lights shining through open curtained windows provide enough light to see the beauty of the silent snow.