Friday, February 20, 2009

I Was Robbed

Robbed, I tell you. It never came close to the suggested high of forty degrees today. The House of Lowes lingers in an unworkable cold on a clear sunny day with only light winds. I just know I can get quite a bit of siding done on these walls before I need the scaffolding, now that I have my hanger method down. The next weather approaches for Saturday night. Tomorrow there will be trim and siding with a suggested high of 51. Yes, tomorrow.

Instead I re-insulated and improved the insulation under the leaky shower and freezing drain at the resident gardeners house and closed it all back up. The fifth time with the silicon caulk was the charm. No leak was seen which was good because I had given up and was going to close it up no matter what. I'll still recommend replacing the shower's framed glass walls. Any shower that needs that much caulk has a major defect.

It was cold crawling around under the house and a chill deep into my bones hasn't left me yet. A hot shower will fix that and I can look for leaks again. Maybe I shouldn't.

And the mouse/mice is/are now sealed in the house. I hear it now scurrying above my head. I must attempt to get it stuck to a sticky trap in the basement utility room. Cats and sticky traps are not a good match in the rest of the house.

The first Crocus was discovered yesterday. Tomorrow in warmth it may open.


Carol said...

Congrats on the first crocus. Sorry the rest of your day didn't turn out as planned. "Maybe tomorrow"...

lola said...

Hi Christopher,
I'm sorry things didn't go as wanted but there is always a reason. Just like my plans didn't pan out Thurs due to storms. Another time.
The crocus look good. Wish I could grown them here. Google this name "Leucojum aestivum" & see what it says. I didn't know all that. Actually I would like to get some of the other kind & try them here. What do you think?
That heading sure had me scared. I thought someone had stolen something from you that would harm the cozy cabin. Someone broke into our home in N.C. & took a lot of things. Even the phone.

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol tomorrow will be a warmer day and more Crocus will be encouraged to make an appearance.

I do worry a bit about the other kind of robbed, Lola. I know someone came down my drive and left their sticky palm prints on my windows looking in. A couple of the neighbors have been robbed. I'll get a gate in due time.

Definitely try the other Leucojums. Zephyranthes, the Rain Lilies, Amaryllis and Oxblood Lilies would all work for you down south. Not my favorite, but Crinums are a good for the south too.

Frances said...

Hi Christopher, you scared me too with that title. But I feel exactly the same way about the optimistic weather people and their high temps forecasts. It might reach that high for one second in the late afternoon when it is too close to dark to begin a project at all. My canary in the coal mine is the water in the birdbath. If it manages to thaw out, the ground can be dug enough to move yet another perennial or shrub, the main gardening being done here right now. Spring will come all of a sudden, with no rain and high temps and moving things then is unwise so for now it is bundle up and dig if the shovel can be thrust into the crusty earth.

Anonymous said...

Boy sounds like we are all in the same boat - waiting for SPRING. I keep trying to get outside to finish the leaves but between the wind and temps it's always "tomorrow" - like Scarlett O'Hara.
That crocus sure was a sight for sore eyes - mine are still hiding.
And yes! We've had to rip out our entire shower floor for a leak around the "pan" (if that's the proper term?) We must live in parallel universes.


Christopher C. NC said...

Frances, I knew that title would scare you. Maybe I am preparing myself mentally. I think it is still too early to move things here. I would be afraid they would dry up or freeze to death when it gets into the teens and refreezes the ground.

Bev, I'm sure ready for spring. Though I still need to fetch wood chips for the vege garden.

Sigh!!! I looked. The shower still leaks. Somehow the water is getting under the glass and over the top of, yes the shower pan. It has been doing it for years and has already started to rot the subfloor. It was a project the building contractor kept putting off until tomorrow. My presence should help move that project up the list.

lola said...

We found the gates didn't mean anything. We were robbed after the gates were put up. Walking is their best advantage due to no tire tracks to be found. They parked on the hard road. They carried stuff out in pillow cases that they took off the beds. Nasty people.

Pam said...

I haven't been by in awhile, and so I didn't realize that you were so far along in building your place - it looks great (and the rock walls!). I'm so impressed - due to job issues, my building has come to a complete halt (until things feel more secure). The crocus is a good sign, don't you think?

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! You scared me too. I find that the forecast is really for the "valley" in Clyde and where you are, there is a completely different weather pattern. Stay warm and maybe this will be the last snow.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola, there isn't much you can do when someone is determined.

Hi Pam. I read about your delay in your house building. Hope that changes for you soon. There's always the garden and the new pack to keep you busy.

Bev, I always adjust a little for the Clyde forecast. Ten degrees was kind of way off though. Still, I am always surprised how much more rain and snow we get up here.

Christopher C. NC said...

Excuse me. I meant Siria, I always adjust for the Clyde weather.