Friday, February 27, 2009

Daffodils And Rain

It feels like spring is slower coming this year. The daffodils don't seem to be as far along as my memory tells me they were at this time last year. Looking back at February of 2008 on the blog tells me things actually are right on schedule. I have not done a daffodil clump count yet. Tomorrow when there is a break in the 100% diagnosis for rain I will do that. Maybe counting the clumps of daffodils will help reassure me that spring is coming on time.

Then I will get ready for the snow that is supposed to come after that. Just like last year on February 28th when there was eight inches of snow.

Something is different. There has certainly been more rain and snow and cold this winter than last. The ten ponds I have gained is testament to that. The only way that could have happened is if I have been sitting around on my okole more. There can't be that much difference between toting rocks and toting lumber and siding. It must be a quantity of days toting issue. The good thing is gaining ten pounds for me is not a problem. That recovers a third of the weight I lost since moving.

Today's rain slowed things down, but I did manage to cut and paint the first coat on the trim boards for the three windows on the downhill side of the cabin. Tomorrow I can apply the second coat. Maybe even another load of wood chips can be fetched for the vegetable garden. When the sun returns the windows can be trimmed.

Something is stirring. Mama Spot has wanted to be outside tonight for the first time in two months without me being by her side. The spotlets have been hard to keep indoors for the last few days now that the warm spells are warmer and have more rain than snow. The small critters must be getting more active and I am reminded that cats are largely nocturnal animals. It could be too the other cat I have seen lurking about twice now in the last two weeks. I know the Spots have seen it and detected the presence of another. Why are there all these cats in the middle of no where? Good thing we're all fixed now.

If I hadn't heard the coyotes across the road two nights ago, the owls hanging out very close this week and a strange lurking feline who had unusually pointy ears and a strangely long tail, I wouldn't worry about the Spots out there in the dark. It took me months to get them inside and they were just babies when they lived outside all the time. It will be alright.

I need more cake.


lola said...

Christopher, what can I say. You may find more daffy clumps as they emerge. I'm sure that all have not poked their little heads up yet.
That much gain is not bad. Could be you needed it for more strength. After all you have been hard at it since you landed there. I really don't know how you persevere.
I would be worried about the spots but as you say they are nocturnal.
lol, your are funny, my dear. Do have another piece of cake. Hot chocolate too.

Les said...

I would have to say that spring is reluctant here as well, and weight gain seems to be a symptom of this long winter. Keep your cats close, coyotes are good at grabbing a meal when they find it.

Frances said...

Oh My, make that chocolate cake. I don't like the sound of pointy ears and longer tail, but we must assume Mama Spot is on it. We have to. I am glad to hear you have put on a little weight too. Looking back at the journals it does seem that the temps are about the same, but there are fewer days where we can work outside I am sure. Rain turning to snow for us it says. The plants should be happy with all this rain. Big warm up mid week coming. Do we both hang on every word of the local weather and weather channel?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope the coyotes don't decide to have a Spotlette for dinner. Scary. There aer people around here that say they can't have outside pets because of the coyotes.

Years ago I had a little weiner dog mix that was very small but tenacious. She knew when not to go outside. I was always amazed when she would refuse to go out. She knew something was stalking her.

chuck b. said...

There's cake?