Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bam It's Bloom Day

There was a thought this morning to show blooms I see in my travels for Bloom Day today, but my camera battery ran out of juice after just a couple shots.

There is much more to see than the cherry trees as spring arrives with a bang in the mountains of WNC.

By the time I got home the big thunderheads I had been watching all day had coalesced into rain, thunder and lightening. Spring is over. We have moved on to summer thunder storms.

I dashed out anyway to quickly grab a few shots of the Bulbapaloozathon as Bam! it powers ahead in these warm 70 degree days. The Puschkinia and Chionodoxa appeared over night.

This daffodil has interesting twisted petals. Unfortunately the clump of them was covered with the huge half locust trunk I made a planter with last year. When Bulbarella arrives we will have to extract them from beneath the log.

The magnolia has gone from bud to bloom in a single day of this warm.

Spring is not going to last long if this keeps up.

The WUD doesn't seem to mind the warm. The clump of them is getting bigger every year. It doesn't look as hideous as in years past, but this is still one ugly daffodil. Every year it is slightly different and no two blooms in the clump are ever alike. It might be improving, but it still has issues.

Daffodils should be pretty like this. You wait long enough for them. Who wants to be traumatized by a WUD.

Bam! The wild cultivated garden is awake. The daffodil blooms are growing in numbers. Buds are breaking on shrubberies and more life keeps rising from the forest floor. The highs are in the 70's as far as the diagnosis goes. It's March.

At least it's raining.

I think I'll seed more vegetables this weekend before it gets too hot.

I doubt I am the only one with such an unexpected spring. For a full report on this spring madness visit Carol at March Dreams Gardens.


Les said...

We reached the low 80's today and when I came home from work I noticed so many things had popped open that were closed this morning. At this rate there will be nothing left to show in April.

Lola said...

Makes one wonder what the Summer will be like.
It all looks beautiful. No place like WNC in the Spring.

Unknown said...

We were in the 90's yesterday....your flowers are very pretty and love the blooming trees!

Anonymous said...

Pic #1 is beautiful!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is the kind of March Madness I like best. Happy GBBD.