Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Garden Marches Into May

It was a cold wet and dreary day. Very spring like.

This cool cold arrives too little too late.

In the weeks of warm that preceded it, the garden has moved on.

Freak out. The first Hyacinthoides hispanica, Spanish Bluebells have started to bloom. This grouping is always the first, but that is supposed to be near the end of April.

Hosta appeared over night.

The Bulbapaloozathon is winding down as a green blush envelopes the ridge top garden.

I have to say what I have been thinking. This year's Bulbapaloozathon was a dud. Even with early, mid and late daffodils blooming all at once, it just seems many of them had far fewer blooms and some no blooms at all. Can you blame it on the winter that wasn't or is this just a normal cycle of things? Bulbarella stays on top of her fertilizing and dividing. It must have just been an off year for daffodils.

There are still daffodils blooming and daffodils yet to bloom. How could there not be 10,000 daffodils always in a state of multiplication.

There are other bulbs too.

The late blooming daffodils are here now. In March, not April when they are supposed to bloom.

Tulips in March? At least the species tulips are holding off a wee bit longer.

I think the PJM rhododendrons are pretty much on schedule. At least this year they won't get frozen. We have cool in the extended diagnosis, not freezing cold. So far at least.

The garden marches on to a speedier rhythm. I think I would be most pleased if April and May stay wet and cool. No hard freezes. We are past the point of no return. The cherry and Dogwoods are getting ready to bloom. If the rhododendrons and their accompanying flora bloom weeks early this year it will be a disaster. What will the 90 plus garden bloggers see in the third week of May?

The daffodils will be gone.

The spring ephemerals in the wild forest will be history.

I'll just have to tell them, you shoulda been here two weeks ago. The garden was magnificent back then.


Lola said...

I'm sure there will be plenty to see. I always found something wonderful up there. Even the trees were a beauty to me.
I managed to get some more weeding done & planted two special plants that I ordered.
Have a great day tomorrow.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola if it keeps up this way we could be into the summer flowers and lilies by then. Yes there will be plenty to see. I got lots of weeding done this weekend too.

DJ/Meander Mountain said...

If your White Gate Inn photos are any indication, we'll have lots of art, structurall things, and interesting trees and shrubs to look at -- even if we're between peak seasons of plant bloom!

chuck b. said...

Did you have winter this year? I missed it. Spring already looks lovely for you! It's only been a week.