Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Sunny Afternoon On March 13th

The morning got off to a rough start, a state of internet degradation in a pouring rain. The sun was out and shining warm by the time I got to town to treat myself to a late buffet lunch. The Bradford Pears are in bloom before they self destruct.

70 degrees and sunshine upon my return meant I was heading outside. There are plenty hours of daylight left at the end of the day now. The single clump of vigorous yellow Louisiana Iris was dug, divided into seven and moved to new locations. The Creation will have eyelashes soon.

Two clumps of Feather reed Grass were dug, divided into six and rearranged around the stock tank well head cover for better screening and better access to the hose bib.

Portrait of a roadside vegetable gardener looking to see if his seeds have sprouted. With rain and 70 degree temps it shouldn't take long. Might as well keep seeding things like carrots and parsnips if it's going to be like this.

And off for an evening stroll on a warm sunny day.

Magnolia buds swelling

The daffodils on a sunny day

Iris fans growing

In the wild cultivated garden

Where the turkeys are still scratching the peck out of things and messing up my freshly raked paths.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I had that internet degradation thingy too! Grandsons along with Mom and Dad are here so it has been busy, busy. Next week, maybe, will be gardening week.

Dianne (too tired to sign into Google!)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Doncha jus luv this weathers!! Just think of all the bugs those turkeys are eating. They don't mean anything by messin with your pathways.

Anonymous said...

It looks like March 13th turned out alright. Happy birthday (again),

Lola said...

Beautiful. Love it.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Boy...I've been gone a week and what changes you have in that short time! Looks like you will have a big bloom day in honor of your birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!!!