Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Day Of Editing

I gardened with a vengeance today, another beautiful sunny day in May ... er March. I weeded out more of the fescue grass, root pruned a huge thicket of elderberry, transplanted Muhly grass, planted rooted cutting of the 'Streibs Findling' cotoneaster and seeded a row of carrots. I am so tempted to seed other things now that it is May for all intents and purposes weathers wise. If we get a real hard cold spell now there is going to be a world of hurt on many things. With vegetables I can risk it.

I went for a stroll mid day in case it decided to rain. The anemones must be setting seed. I am seeing many more of them in my travels than in years past. You can see why I think it is crucial to chop down all the dead dried sticks of the perennial wildflowers. It makes the little things easier to see when there isn't a four foot tall tangle of sticks in the way.

The Iris bucharica likes its new home.

I need to burn that rubbish pile by the chimney. It annoys me.

The Bulbapaloozathon is in full swing.

Bulbarella won't be here for another three weeks.

I tried to tell her. The good news is I am seeing daffodils just emerging in the north facing slope of the annex.

The first PJM rhododendron is blooming. These are always the first.

The chionodoxa obviously set seed too. They are scattered all over. The puschkinia are lagging behind this year.

Some accidental color coordination.

The Spots enjoy following along.

Spring arrives in the naked forest. Is it any wonder a gardener might want to enhance the forest just a bit.

It was warm today. All that strolling can make a kitty thirsty.

Tomorrow's weathers looks like more of the same. I may get some more gardening done.


Dianne said...

I love reading your posts and ending my day on a positive note. Thank you!

Lola said...

I agree with Dianne. I did put more onions sets in the ground today. Tomorrow is another good day for planting root crops. I have several that I wish to plant. I've tried some of the onions already, boy are they good. Potatoes sure are growing like crazy. Hope they make good.

Siria said...

I too agree with Dianne.... your daffodills make me smile!