Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rogue Tulips

I spent five hours this morning doing nothing but digging out Clematis virginiana vine with my CobraHead Weeder. My soil is soft fortunately. The clematis has a root system of steel cables. That little weeder did great.

Then I went on a plant hunting expedition.

And noticed an inordinate number of tulips in bloom.

Tulips are supposed to be avoided because they do not reliably perennialize and more often than not end up as food for the varmints. Maybe the Spots are working. They spend most of their days next door now.

In my steel cable extraction and wandering I also noticed a large number of newly planted species tulips coming up. Most of them have not bloomed yet.

I returned home with a sack full of crocus and six rooted stem cuttings of rhododendrons.

I felt there was room for some more evergreen screening between me and the scenic byway. The crocus were a bonus I found hiding under a huge juniper.


Anonymous said...

Everything is beautiful. Has Mom made it up there yet?

Christopher C. NC said...

Mom will be delivered here next Friday afternoon by the sisters.

Siria said...

Hopefully those tulips will be blooming to welcome her home next week. I bet she can't wait to get p there!