Friday, April 27, 2012

Fog Bound

I just plain ran out of steam yesterday while everything else was being engulfed in steam. For two days we were racked by violent thunderstorms. Somehow I managed to squeeze in some work kind work in between them.

After getting freezer burn, the wild cultivated gardens on a North Carolina mountain top were getting battered by torrential downpours and violent blasts of wind. It hailed on me in my travels.

Rain is good though. Even a hard rain. The sedges in the zen lawn of the cabin side bed are getting poofy green and looking fun.

The new trellis shows up quite nicely in the steam. Still has a forward lean to it, but it didn't blow over. I bought some long metal stakes of sorts to give the trellis some more bracing against the wicked winds that like to roar through these mountain tops.

I was fog bound in mind and body.

Have I mentioned how strong the winds can be up here? The Blue Pot art project blew over. I can't believe it. Three hundred pounds of gravel pushed over from the wind catching abilities of leafless bamboo poles. The biggest surprise is that the Blue Pot didn't smash. Seeing this and thinking about standing it back up really made my mind go foggy.

Such is life in the wild. Always at the mercy of nature's whims.

Fog Bound.


Lola said...

I remember those foggy days. I can't believe the blue pot went over. Oh my, that was some wind. I remember the winds also. Scary at times.

Pomaika`i said...

Ah, the breath of Mama Nature - never say never. Maybe make a well of sorts, to nestle the base of that pot more securely into the earth, and/or pound a suitable length of rebar, #4or even #5. to be inserted through the drain hole,if it is large enough. Never say never, the winds will return to test you. I have been humbled many times.

Anonymous said...

I like the rebar idea for the blue pot. We were watching the storm from our porch and saw a big tulip poplar snapped in two. You are right about the wild, but we should enter into peace and calm season soon. All will be well on your mountaintop and your visitors will be wowed beyond wow!


Siria said...

Yes I too agree... I like the rebar idea. I know how bad the winds can be but I just can't believe that pot blew over! This should be a good weekend to catch up on things.

Anonymous said...

Love those photos. There is a peace and a calm about fog itself, isn't there.


Jason said...

Wow, I thought we had windy weather here in Chicago (Windy City, you know), but you have us beat. Even so, looks beautiful. You may have rough weather, but you have mountains - none around here.