Saturday, April 28, 2012

Next Came The Sun

A garden takes a beating and keeps on growing. The life force is an amazing thing. The leaves get a little tousled and bent and when the sun comes out they straighten right back up.

The weathers of late have not been so great for gardeners though. The Lush may getting ahead of us.

Iris buds not frozen continue to expand and bloom.

Trilliums go about their business.

Lily the Obscure, Melanthium latifolium looks none the worse for the wear. Growing at the feet of the forest trees may have its advantages. There is a roof of sorts.

Kathy at Cold Climate Gardening went for a walk along the road in her new neighborhood and saw something that looked much like Lily the Obscure. I think I will have to concur with the Veratrum viride, False Hellebore ID after a closer look at my lily.

Scorpion Weed, a winter annual wild flower infests the wild cultivated garden. It comes in two colors, two species. The white is Phacelia fimbriata.

The blue is Phacelia purshii. There is a lot more of the blue and when it blooms en mass it is a sight to behold. It is starting to bloom now. Will it still be blooming when the bloggers arrive?

The sun came out and the garden keeps growing, ignoring all the freeze damage. Life must go on.

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Lola said...

For all the sun we must endure the rain. All nature works wonders. It is to behold. Yes, regardless, life goes on just like time marches on even tho sometimes it is to a different drummer. It is for us to continue on. Enjoy it, my friend. I remember these words were said to me one special day.