Monday, April 23, 2012

A Little More Freezer Burn

The storm rolled in last night as the world according to the Google vanished from the interwebs. When I woke up the next morning the Google was back and it looked like utter devastation had descended in the night. It was still snowing. The wind was still howling. Most everything was encased in a thin layer of ice. Droopy. The fresh green growth of the notion of spring was hard and droopy. It was frightening.

I went to work kind work anyway. I am busy like that now. By the time I came home the sun was sort of out. The snow and ice were gone. The wind still howled.

A Dogwood winter they call it. I am thinking the Dogwoods are done now.

Surprisingly the utter devastation did not materialize. This second round of freezer burn was minor at best. How similar conditions choose different victims on different days is a mystery. The rhododendron in full bloom is unscathed. It's a miracle.

The big fat lilies by the service entrance were a dark mushy green and stiff as a board this morning. I figured they were toast. By the time I got home they had revived. The look a little bedraggled, slightly nipped, but pretty much ok. It was a miracle.

The Blue Pot art project survived gale force winds with its bottles still in place. One last picture with the Dogwoods before the petals shrivel and turn burn.

The new Ogee Trellis has a slight lean forward, but it didn't fall over. The fill dirt there is wet and soft. There was no need or desire to compact soil that was planned for a perennial bed. Longer stakes can be fashioned and added for more support in the wild and wind whipped environment of this mountain top.

The creation raises its eyebrows.

Don't worry. In a garden filled with the proper structure and Objets d', the plants can take a beating and the garden will still be there.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good to hear you and the garden survived those howling winds. They swept through here on their way to your place.

Anonymous said...

We were lucky, drizzling rain, no snow, and better yet, no freeze. Hopefully this is the last cold spell. You should be in great shape for your event next month.


Lola said...

Whew, glad it wasn't any worse. Maybe now we can get down to business.
Still cool here & we did enjoy the much needed rain. Gardening goes on tho as if nothing happened.
All will be great for you next month.

Pomaika`i said...

I love that trellis and your perfect placement of it - but you may need to bend a few pieces of #3 rebar into arcs or staples to brace it against the wind. Hope you don't mind the morning glories' tendencies to seed and spread, even though those flowers are so dainty-looking. That is art- the blue pot and dogwood picture!