Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Take This Freezer Burn

On my baby Kousa Dogwood

And extrapolate it out into the wild forest at a certain elevation range all across WNC. The leaves on the trees didn't freeze down below because they weren't assaulted with the wind and the snow and the cold. They didn't freeze higher up because the trees weren't leafed out. Round about 4000 feet maples, tulip poplars, buckeyes and locust were burned good.

When I said the wind was howling, it meant the wind was howling.

This go round it seems the things closer to the ground were much better off.

The Bluebells have survived both of these rude freezing spells just fine.

The Lush just keeps on growing even if the tops of some things have been singed.

Sadness.The borrowed ferns have been toppled. The other planting of this same fern ten feet away, lower down the hill and in a bit more north facing angle were not this far advanced in the unfurling. They are perfectly fine.

The emerging bamboo canes escaped more destruction with this second blast.

In many ways it is baffling how the victims are so random. Minor differences in the delivery mode of the cold completely changed who got zapped. What froze last time didn't. What froze this time didn't freeze last time.


Lola said...

Those freezes sure can be mind boggling. Nature is very strange at times.

Anonymous said...

How much snow did you get? Did that protect anything. We were very lucky with this last cold blast. Looks like nothing was touched. Amazingly, friends lower than me got frost.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Darn the luck. It is painful to look at all that freezer burn.

Christopher C. NC said...

Diane we got rain, rice, freezing rain, sleet and snow. Most of it melted on contact so there was only a dusting when I woke up that morning. This morning we are having wicked thunderstorms that stretch all the way to you according to the radar.

Gardening sheds said...

Wow! I love the purple flowers. Interesting journey indeed. Nice post.