Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Showy Orchis Blooms

Hidden deep in the forest an orchid blooms.

This year the flowers will finish and seeds will form.

The deer have been excluded. Good thing because there was evidence of browsing in between the two patches of Showy Orchis. They must hold some memory of the location of this delicacy. Tough. I got there first and caged the wild orchids.

I will do this extra bit for a wild orchid hidden deep in the forest and the rest of the wild cultivated garden must suffer the slings and arrows of weathers and varmints. It pained me to no end when the deer ate the tops off the Showy Orchis last year at the peak of bloom. But Gardy can't be babying three acres of plantings mingled in with the Lush. There are too many other things that need doing.

If a few columbine disappear we might not even notice.

The heavy Blue Pot art project needed to be stood back up. I shortened the bamboo poles by about a foot and a half. Maybe that will help. Rebar through the drain holes in the pot were out because it sits on a brick paver base. We will hope for the best and move on to Plan D if need be in the future.

There are other things that need doing. Next.


Lola said...

Beautiful orchid. I'm glad you beat the deer. Glad you got the blue pot upright. Hope shortening the bamboo works.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola we are lucky the deer are not more of a problem. Bless the hunters I say. I'm still mulling over other ideas for helping the pot stay up in strong winds.

Kathy Stilwell said...

I'm super envious of your orchis and so glad you found a way to foil the deer!