Friday, January 3, 2014

A Walk In The Snow

I got out of bed late to four degrees. I knew there would be no point in getting up early. So how cold was it before the sun came up and the wind stopped ripping?

The hot water line in the kitchen sink was froze. All the other lines were working. I even did a basket clean on the washer to check that and try to add some heat into the plumbing box. The hot water line in the kitchen sink is still froze. Our grand high for the day was 30 max.

Another round of snow and colder cold is scheduled to begin on Sunday night. I best leave a faucet dripping for round two.

I applied multiple layers and finally paced outside to see what I might see.

The deer(s) were up bright and early pawing through the snow for apples.

I brought Miss Collar home with me for her dinner. She spent the beautiful, calm, yet frigid, sunny day out in the garden.

Two other kitties barely budged. They sampled it briefly and came right back inside and went straight to bed. I can expect an explosive energy spurt before it's time for bed again.

I may have to deal with frozen water lines on occasion, but there will be no massive shoveling. Never again. One car length back from the road, enough for the mail carrier to turn around and that is it. I'd rather walk through snow than shovel it.

One less item on my procrastination list. I may be doing taxes very soon.


Lola said...

Love the snow especially the 2nd pic as always. Sure wish the old chimney could talk. I did love to walk in the snow. Sorry for the frozen water line, knowing how it can hold one up.

Christopher C. NC said...

One frozen line isn't so bad. At least I had water in the kitchen sink.

Barry said...

I like to stroll about aimlessly in the yard. I find lots of round tuits as I go. I drop them in my pocket, to be used on the procrastination list, but there must be a hole in that pocket. One of these days, I should get around to mending it.